A woman SLAPPED a Police Officer so that she could quit smoking

Image Source: Sacramento County sheriff's office

One woman slapped a police officer, because she wanted to quit smoking.
Apparently, the best and most efficient way to quit your smoking habit is to slap a police officer. Or so it happened in this woman’s case.

Image Source: Sacramento County sheriff’s office

Meet Etta Mae Lopez – the woman, who slapped a cop so that she could quit smoking. Etta had tried everything to get rid of her puffing habit. Unfortunately, nothing had quite worked the magic for her. Thus, she came up with the idea to get herself in jail so that she wouldn’t have any access to tobacco. In order to land in jail, however, she had to do something bad. And that’s exactly why Etta slapped a cop from the Sacramento County’s Sheriff Department at Sacramento, California, US.

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In May 2013 Etta waited for a whole day in front of the local jail until she spotted a uniformed police officer coming out of the building. As it turned out, the officer was the sheriff’s deputy – Matt Campoy. The woman cut the deputy’s path and after blocking his way for several seconds she finally slapped him across the face. The astonished officer later told the media how he was shocked, but still followed protocol. In other words, he was obliged to do what any other man in his position would do – make Etta face the consequences of her actions. So, in the end, the woman was charged with battery on a police officer and sentenced to a total of 63 days behind bars. Her wish was finally granted and the deputy got to walk away with a funny story to tell.

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