A Woman Told Her Husband To Water Her Plants After Passing Away. Years Later, He Discovered They Are Plastic.

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Losing a loved one is always a hard thing to go through. Sometimes, they can manage to give us one last smile from the grave. Maybe even a chuckle, like Phedre Fitton did.

In 2013, Nigel Fitton watched the love of his life, his wife of many years, lose her battle with ovarian cancer.

Before she passed away, she made Nigel promise to take care of the plants she had kept in their bathroom.

Nigel was a dutiful husband, so he took great care to make sure he abided by his wife’s wish. He was actually quite proud of himself because they looked amazing.

He lovingly watered and cared for the plants for years, just as she asked.

The couple lived in Johannesburg, South Africa. Last year, Nigel was moving into a nursing home and his daughter, Antonia Nicol, discovered that her mom had pranked her Dad on her deathbed.

She found out that the plants were plastic! Her father had been so proud of himself for keeping those plants alive, especially since the bathroom didn’t have a lot of light.

Nicol reckoned that the lack of light is why her mother had switched to plastic plants, but none of them knew she had done so.

Nicol also said that the family had found the prank from beyond the grave to be hilarious, and that Nigel must have thought the toilet leaked from all the water not being absorbed by the fake plants.

Antonia shared the story of her dad’s pranking on Twitter and it has gotten a lot of attention. It has over 100,000 likes. She shared that he could hear Phedre laughing upon the discovery.

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Image Source: Twitter

In a comment on her tweet, she relayed that her mother was certainly funny and possessed a fun sense of humor. She also said that this incident has brought happiness to the family as a whole, and they have enjoyed being able to remember her this way.

The couple met at just 16 years old and had been together ever since. Antonia added that they were the best of friends, working and traveling together, and that they were always together. They didn’t spend time apart.

She says her dad likes the attention this story has brought him, that he messaged that he hopes it makes people happy to read about it. It brought him to tears.

He enjoyed reliving the prank to the extent that he pretended to water a fake plant again and sent it to his daughter.

The family is grateful that this pranks has gotten them remembering and talking about their beloved Phedre in such a happy way.

What a special and funny thing this woman did for her family. She left them one last good time with her. It’s amazing that she thought to do this for her husband and family as she fought for her life.

She sounds like she was a joy and a delight to be around. This is one of the best stories I have heard in a while. It sure brought a smile to my face!

Written by Amanda Johnson

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