A Woman Trolls Soccer Moms, When She Was Accidentally Included In A Soccer Group Text

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In a situation that is familiar to many of us, Christi Lally received a text message that wasn’t actually intended for her. In this case, she was included on a group text started by a youth soccer coach. Instead of ignoring the message, Christi decided to take advantage of the opportunity and have a bit of fun.

The coach, Juan, wanted to set up a meeting for the parents after soccer practice. Christi, who does not have any children, decided to use the group text to talk up the abilities of her son—who does not exist. She claimed that her “kid” is the best player on the soccer team—“just sayin”, as she put it.
Before Christi texted that response, numerous parents responded to the coach’s request for a meeting with a simple “ok”. There was also a thumbs up.

Image Source: FACEBOOK

Reactions to Christi’s claim that her kid was the best were sort of mixed, and people were a little confused. Christi decided to continue interacting with the group via text, claiming that her “child” is so talented that he was actually doing the soccer team a favor simply by playing with them.

As she put it: when her “son” is older, he’ll likely recognize what a “great influence” his abilities had on the other players. His playing with them, she said, was “noble”—considering he had been “scouted”.

One parent questioned why Christi’s child was playing for the team if he was so talented. Another claimed that all of the kids on the team have talent—those are the rules.

As one person put it—it isn’t about the talent or the ambition; it is about the amount of time a kid gets on the soccer field.

Christi wasn’t finished interacting with the group, and just continued teasing the parents via text. She said that participation trophies are for “sissy players”, adding that the team snacks have sucked as of late. She also claimed that her “son” was invited to the home of professional footballer David Beckham for Christmas.

Parents started to get a bit ticked. One expressed hope that whoever was sending the messages would attend the scheduled meeting.

Christi played it cool and asked one parent what was bothering him or her—she wondered if it was the comment about the snacks “sucking”.

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That parent replied with a quite lengthy text message. That parent was upset that Christi had the “audacity” to claim that her child—remember, the child does not exist—is the best. The parent also told Christi to bring her own snacks for her child if she thinks that the snacks have been sucking.
That parent also called out the coach, wondering why he was not taking control of the situation that Christi created. That parent stated that it was Coach Juan’s job to take control when other parents step out of their place.

According to the text messages, Coach Juan was contacted and would be addressing the issue at the meeting.

Christi didn’t care what anyone thought, and she just kept doing her thing. She stated that she would only attend the meeting if the “snack situation” was addressed. One parent suggested that Christi was only attending the meeting for the snacks, not because of her (fake) kid. Christi jokingly responded that putting it like that made her sound bad.

Then a parent said Christi shouldn’t call her child the best when there are children who happen to be superior to him. Christi asked that parent to name one child.

A superior child could not be named, as no one knew the name of Christi’s child. Christi pointed out that it was possible that the superior child mentioned was actually her child.

The exchange went on a bit longer, and Christi mentioned the name of Cristiano Ronaldo, the well-known Portuguese football player. Christi claimed that Ronaldo stated her son reminded him of himself when he was younger. The proof, as she wrote, is “in the pudding”. In that message, she also stated that she did not consider pudding cups acceptable snacks.

The chain of texts ended, but one parent was so upset that they called Christi on the phone, learning that she was faking being the parent of a child on the team. Christi was nice enough to text everyone to admit she was having a bit of fun with them—and she apologized.

One father did not accept the apology, and he allegedly threatened to kick Christi’s a**.

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Written by Kevin Barrett

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