A Woman Went On Her Tinder Date Naked And The Guy Did Not Notice Until The End

Image Source: YouTube/ Jen The Body Painter

It is likely that a lot you have already been on a Tinder date. Sometimes you do it out of boredom, but in other cases you might be really excited if your date is attractive, so you start preparing early in order to look your best. Some people probably spend hours on wardrobe checks and self-modeling in front of the mirror. It is a normal thing—as the old saying goes, you must “dress to impress”.

But here is an example of the completely opposite approach. A woman decided to go on her pre-scheduled Tinder date wearing nothing. Yes, she really went almost completely naked—except for her thong.

Here’s the catch—the brave young woman named Joy went on her date covered in body paint, which was designed to resemble clothes. The artist behind this masterpiece is Jen Seidel, an American body painter known simply as Jen the Body Painter. Her work is truly amazing. Upon seeing the result painted on Joy’s body, it is easy to understand why her date was fooled.

Image Source: YouTube/ Jen The Body Painter

The Baltimore-based mother of three children managed to create the outfit—with the help of her daughter Kennedy—over approximately two hours. They created a full body painting on Joy, and it looks simply stunning. The outfit consisted of a strikingly realistic pair of jeans and a top with floral motives. Once she was ready, Joy headed out for her date at a local shopping center.

Image Source: YouTube/ Jen The Body Painter

Joy said that this was not her first Tinder date, but it was special because she never went naked before. The man she was going to meet was a comedian. According to Joy, he was a really funny guy, so his reaction was probably going to be hilarious; she was looking forward to it.

She thought that he might not notice at all because of how realistic the body painting was. Despite the naked surprise, she still wanted them to have a nice chat and wanted to get to know the guy just a little bit, although she figured he might be distracted by the whole thing.

Joy also said that she felt fully confident because she felt that she was covered, not truly naked.

Image Source: YouTube/ Jen The Body Painter

When they met for the first time, Joy was wearing a heavy coat, and her date did what a true gentleman would do—he took it off after they ordered coffee and sat down.


The guy even paid her a compliment regarding her choice of clothes and said that for a brief moment he thought that she was naked, but she just laughed and continued to talk.

After finishing the coffee, the pair decided to walk around the mall—and that is when the whole experiment was almost over. Some girls spotted Joy being filmed and realized that she was covered with body paint, so they asked if they could take a selfie with her.

The guy finally asked if her “clothing” was in fact body paint, but Joy decided to keep the game going just a little bit more.

Image Source: YouTube/ Jen The Body Painter

However, when they went outside and headed for the car park, it was raining; Joy had no other choice but to admit that she was covered in body paint, because the rain would reveal the truth anyway, which would have been awkward.

This was not the first time in which Jen the Body Painter pulled this stunt. A few months ago she and her daughter painted another model in similar fashion and went to a shopping mall just to see the reactions of the people around them. As they expected, the majority of them did not realize that the long-haired blond model was almost completely naked, wearing only shoes, a thong, a scarf, and a hat.

They even stopped at a shop to buy her a new bra, and the shop assistant noticed that the girl was naked only when she went close to her to measure her exact size. While some of the shoppers at the mall were rather confused, most of the people enjoyed what they saw and were amazed by how realistic the body painting was.

All credit goes to : Jen The Body Painter


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