Did you know that a woman won $1.3 million lottery. She hid it from her husband and immediately divorced him to…


A woman won $1.3 million lottery. She hid it from her husband and immediately divorced him to avoid giving him half. He found out and sued. Due a Family Code statute that penalizes spouses for falsifying data about their property during divorce, judge ordered her to give him 100% of the winnings.

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Usually winning the lottery, especially to an amount of $1.3 million is a very happy occasion, which you’d celebrate with your family and maybe go on holiday… However, one such wife decided that she wanted to keep it all from her husband which she was soon to divorce. Well, fair enough – right?

However, when it came to the actual divorce, the judges weren’t quite so understanding. Due to family laws, all property when it comes to the division of assets, must be included. Despite claiming that these winnings were a gift from co-workers, she along with some co-workers put some money together to enter the lottery, which they did, which won them the jackpot of $6.68 million which they then split between them. This meant that the money she won, despite her efforts to keep this all from her husband, meant it was joint property. The courts ruled that due to giving incorrect data, the husband would receive the entire sum.


It was only due to a letter about the winnings delivered to the ex-husband’s address that he found out, and after thinking it was a mistake and investigating, he found out about the hidden winnings. After this ruling by the courts, the wife then tried to use other excuses including abuse and accusing the husband of hiding assets to keep her money. Again, to no avail.

That’s one very lucky ex-husband.


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