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A Women Shuts Down A Jiffy Lube Employee That Was Bothering Her

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Our lives are very dynamic and we sometimes meet hundreds of people daily. When you have a full day ahead of you and tens of tasks to complete, chances are that you will visit different places and institutions and interact with the employees there. Sometimes these encounters can leave a bad taste in your mouth. The images below reveal how one Twitter user’s sister had an unpleasant experience with a Jiffy Lube employee who bothered her, but she did not back down and despite the harassment, she responded in the best possible way! People on social media applauded her for the way she handled it.

1. Going for an oil change might seem like a trivial thing

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It seems that auto repair shops are more or less the same and it is no big deal visiting one. You just drive to a certain location and leave the car, after which you pick it up. It you are a man, you might actually enjoy it and have a chat with the people working there. However, women can sometimes be harassed in a way similar to the experience this woman had.

2. Here is how it all started

Image Source: Twitter

The whole story was posted by a Twitter user. She shared exactly how a Jiffy Lube employee was bold enough to take her number from the customer lists and text her from his personal phone. This is definitely harassment and nothing else, and this person’s sister was freaked out a bit, which is a normal reaction considering the circumstances. She definitely intended to put him in his place and he had to realize that such compliments are definitely inappropriate.

3. This is what he wrote

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She was really surprised to receive a text from an unknown number. There was no greeting message or anything like that; the man simply wrote ‘you are gorgeous’ and we bet that she definitely raised an eyebrow after seeing it. When he wrote who he was, she immediately decided that it was the perfect moment to teach him a lesson. Maybe it was not his first time doing that.

4. She wrote a really long text

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The woman was definitely on a mission to make sure that this person never does the same thing again. She explained that it was unacceptable for a strictly professional communication to be turned into a personal one in the way it happened. She was write to point out that he violated her privacy by actually taking her number from the shop database is a huge no-no. She even mentioned that she was married when she was at the shop but that did not stop this employee from texting her.

5. The woman continued explaining all the ways in which such a thing was wrong

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The woman really picked-up speed and continued to shut him down like a pro. She explained that she felt intimidated because he was able to take her number, meaning that he could also take her address, too. There are many creepy people out there who are potentially dangerous, like stalkers. She also told him that she has the option to do something about the whole thing because there was surely a strict company policy about such things.

6. She continued by saying she is the position to contact his managers

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She was right to point out that she was in the position to contact his managers and the HR department of the company to report the whole thing. Most people would definitely do it but she explained that her main goal was for him to realize his mistake and that she did not want to ruin his life over such a thing. He actually wrote he was sorry and she used one final text to completely shut him down, saying that he failed to do something she specifically asked him for.

7. It turns out the woman was right about a certain thing

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After the story was shared numerous times, the Jiffy Lube management also heard about it, and it is a nice thing to see that they had something to say about it instead of just letting it go. This is how a company should react at all times.

8. Here is what Jiffy Lube responded

Image Source: Facebook

They wrote that such issues are of great importance for the company and such an incident will not be neglected by the company. They mentioned that they were in touch with the woman who was harassed in this way and they encourage everyone who had a similar experience to contact them immediately. We think that it was not just a publicity stunt and the company really takes such matters seriously.


9. Many people commented on the issue and supported the woman

Image Source: Twitter

This person congratulated the brave woman for actually not backing down and expressing what everyone in such a position should say about the whole thing! This user even joked about the possible reward the woman should get and we really liked his sense of humor. We also guess the woman from the story appreciated this kind of support.

10. This user liked the way she shut down the employee

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We could not agree more! The last text the woman sent the employee was the cherry on top of the cake! When he introduced himself as ‘her favorite oil change guy’, she definitely had to disagree on that, and she did it with her last text. She specifically mentioned that he failed to check something she asked him for, so he messed things up on a professional level, too.

11. One person shared a similar story

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We guess that this story is similar to the Jiffy Lube employee one, but it is not actually the same. Well, it is a bit stranger, though! This user’s sister reported a break-in and police officers came to investigate. It seems that one of them actually liked his sister and after a few days passed, he returned to ask the girl on a date.

12. Here is another user who wished her the best of luck

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It seems that people on social media were really overwhelmed by the way she handled the situation and wished the brave woman all the best. This person also wanted to express how impressed she was by the whole story and expressed that in the funniest possible way.

13. This is a position we can stand behind

Image Source: Twitter

Now this is one really good addition to the whole topic. We guess that everyone should accept this because there is no better way to describe the situation regarding the relations between retail or shop workers and a client. Hitting on someone you have strict professional relations with is a huge no-no and it should not be tolerated, unless the customer shows some interest, which would be a completely different story.

14. People agreed with the woman’s point of view

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This person expressed support for the woman’s position about being bothered by strangers. Anyone would feel intimidated in such a situation because it is the normal reaction you would get. It is definitely something to make you feel intimidated because knowing that so many people have a potential access to your personal and contact data and they could use it for personal gains is something to worry about.

15. This person shared a similar experience

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It seems that Jiffy Lube need to check out this person’s experience, too. She shared that a Jiffy Lube employee continuously made attempts to talk to her outside of the professional side of things while she was at the shop and even mentioned he was glad to have her number, which is unacceptable! It seems that these situations could be much more than expected.

16. Here is a position we agree with

Image Source: Twitter

This person mentioned something we should think about, too. It became clear that the woman in the main story mentioned to the employee that she was married which did not stop him from texting her. But this is definitely not the point here. The point is that it is an equally unacceptable thing if she was married or not.


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