A YouTuber Died From Cancer After She Proclaimed Her Vegan Diet Cured It

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A famous YouTuber—who claimed that eating raw vegan foods, drinking organic juices, and prayers to God were enough to heal her cancer completely—sadly passed away.

Mari Lopez, famous due to being part of the vlogging duet Liz & Mari, lost her life due to aggressive terminal cancer. The disease had already reached her vital organs—like the liver and the lungs.

Mari was known for her viral videos, in which she explained in detail how she managed to cure her stage four cancer with only a strict veggie diet and a lot of prayers.

Her niece Liz Johnson—the other part of the duo— has not backpedaled regarding her aunt’s beliefs, saying that she is standing her ground concerning everything posted.

The YouTube channel was created with the idea of spreading their videos and beliefs, and the two women quickly gathered hundreds of thousands of views; it is full of videos explaining how Mari’s strong faith in God and lemon and ginger mix juice was the key to triumphing over cancer.

Two of the videos were something like a tutorial on how to beat cancer with juicing and eating raw veggies. Liz and Mari told all of their followers that they could do similarly.

The two women posted recipes of toxic-cleaning juices, and even explained which machines worked best to make the aforementioned juices. The videos were adored by many cancer patients and religious people; they thanked the duo for sharing that information.


Many comments suggested that viewers encouraged loved ones who had been diagnosed with cancer to follow the diet—as well as follow the other advice offered by the pair.

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Mari has stated that this way of life cured her cancer in just three months—and that it even made her reconsider being lesbian. She claimed that she was healed with the power of God.
This activity continued for more than a year until the summer of 2017 came, and then Liz posted that Mari was not feeling well.

By October, Mari was very sick and the cancer had reached her blood, affecting the major organs. She went into a hospital in December, and Liz soon wrote that her aunt had probably just days to live.
And it turned out to be just like that—Mari passed away after a couple of days.

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Liz now thinks that Mari would have lived longer had she merely continued with her vegan diet. The young woman explained that her mother—who is Mari’s sister—pushed Mari to engage in chemotherapy and radiotherapy; Liz thinks that is probably what interrupted the healing effect of the diet and the juices.

Mari’s sister apparently thought that medicine was the best way to approach cancer, rather than any of the alternatives. The two sisters also had differing opinions on what a healthy meal should consist of; Liz’s mom did not consider eating meat and cooking in the microwave to be problematic, while Mari was convinced it caused cancer.

According to Liz, Mari ended up giving in to her sister. Liz said that her mom would buy burgers and similar things. Mari didn’t really want to eat them, but she became alright with doing so after a while. Liz’s mother more or less ended up introducing Mari to a more typical way of living.

Liz believes that’s what caused her aunt’s issues—there were inconsistencies. While Mari was telling people to eat one way in her videos, she was also proclaiming different things on her YouTube channel.
Mari’s niece is convinced that this was the reason for her aunt’s death. Mari just went backwards from her initially correct target—eating healthy.

Liz continues on, spreading the ideas behind the videos—even though Mari died. The young woman is certain that the healthy life advice that the channel gives is really beneficial and improves both the mental and the physical state of a person. She even referred to her aunt’s death as a “test of faith”, so she plans to keep on developing the YouTube channel and add all of the Vimeo clips once made to the channel—with free access to them.

She admits that at one point Mari did not want to upload content and she also did want anyone to listen to what she had to say, because she was getting sicker and she probably felt that she was giving all of her followers a false hope. Mari’s niece admits that it must have been painful for her aunt to continue doing this, but it was still helping people and lifted their spirits, because it suggested that they could experience a true difference in their lives.


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