Abused And Starved 3-year-old Girl ‘Looked Like a Holocaust Victim,’ Officers Testify

Image Source: Weber County's Sheriff Office

Just when you think that you have seen everything evil in the world and that things could not be more wrong, a story like this comes up. As a result, you can’t help but wonder how this could be possible and what kind of people it takes to do such a thing to their own child.

Brenda Emile and Miller Costello are a couple that got arrested last July after one of their three children, Angelina Costello, was found dead. The girl was only three years old. The Utah couple is currently facing the consequences of their actions, and the pair is expected to be sentenced for the extremely inhumane treatment of their own daughter—actions which eventually caused the girl’s death.
Court documents state that there was a call alerting the police to go to the Costellos’ home in the town of Ogden, Utah. Upon arriving, they stumbled upon a horrifying sight—the body of little Angelina was lying on the floor of a completely empty room and appeared to be lifeless. The parents are facing the death penalty if they are found guilty on all charges.

When the authorities found Angelina, her body was wrapped in a blanket. One of the officers who responded to the call approached the girl; upon seeing her, she backed against the wall in shock. You could imagine what the sight was.

Later, the police officer named Sitka Hrabal said that this was by far the worst case of child abuse she had ever seen in her career. She testified recently in court, saying that she could not believe that Angelina was three years old. Hrabal went into detail about the girl’s condition. Apparently her body was tiny and fully covered with cuts and bruises. There were even burn marks on the skin. The police officer said that the features of her face were completely sunken in, and she had no muscles or fat because of the malnutrition from which she suffered. What is even more shocking is the fact that prior to calling the police, the parents attempted to hide some of the girl’s injuries by applying make-up.

The court papers stated that the victim had multiple visible injuries like burns, bruises—and even open sores—on her limbs, face, and neck.

The full horror of just how savagely the little girl was treated was revealed after the autopsy of her body. The supervising detective Richard Childress testified in court that upon seeing Angelina’s body and while a doctor examined it, all he could compare the image to was that of concentration camp victims. The detective said that saying her physical state caused by “malnutrition” was an understatement, and he thinks that the term “starvation” is the appropriate one.

When the girl was found unconscious and not breathing, she weighed less than fourteen pounds, which is the appropriate weight for a 3-month old baby. It was only after the autopsy that the full extent of the injuries could be revealed, and it was clear that the girl had suffered internal injuries as well.
The death certificate of Angelina stated that the reasons for her demise were starvation and blunt force trauma.

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During last week’s court session, the Deputy Weber County Attorney Christopher Shaw stated that there was no easier way to describe the girl’s life than as “a life of torture”. He even presented videos as evidence to back up his words.

The videos were extracted from the mobile phones of the suspects, and they revealed how the girl’s condition was getting worse and worse over time. One of the gruesome clips showed how Angelina was punished by her parents. They served her food, but before the girl could grab it, they took it away immediately. One of the other videos showed the mother while eating and holding some food in front of her daughter’s mouth, asking her if she wanted to eat, after which she took the food away and told the girl that she lied and was not going to give her any of it.

Image Source: Sarah Welliver

After the investigation the local police concluded that the abuse continued for more than 18 months; after this torture, Angelina’s body could not simply handle any more of it. She therefore died of exhaustion and starvation. Shockingly, Angelina has a brother and a younger sister, but they are evidently completely healthy and seem to have been taken good care of. 25-year-old Miller Costello and 23-year-old Brenda Emile faced charges of aggravated murder, and after the last court hearing they will receive their sentences.

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