‘Acid Attack’ Prank Caused Youtuber To Receive Huge Backlash

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Another YouTube star is in hot water and YouTube is taking heat for it, as well. This time, it is due to YouTube star Arya Mosallah pretending to throw acid in people’s faces for his vlog. He completed his fake “acid” attacks all over London by sneaking up on unsuspecting people and throwing cups of water in their faces.

Image Source: YOUTUBE

Although YouTube did remove the video, because it violated the bullying and harassment policy of the website, it was seen over a million and a half times. This is particularly disturbing because the United Kingdom is plagued by actual acid attacks on a regular basis. The number has gone up in recent months, so you can only imagine how terrified these unsuspecting people were when they saw the water coming toward them.

In December, it was reported by The Guardian that one of the highest rates of corrosive substance attacks in the world is in Great Britain. Last April, over 20 people were hurt in a night club in London during one of these horrendous attacks where a man poured acid into the crowd.

The YouTuber who pulled the disturbing prank, Arya Mosallah, has over half a million people subscribed to his channel. He started the vlog by telling them that they knew what happens when he has his cup, and proceeded to let them know what the video was going to be showing. Him throwing water in the faces unsuspecting people on the streets.

Image Source: YOUTUBE

He told his viewers that he will continue this particular prank for 150,000 likes on the video. As always with something controversial, people took sides.

Some of his fans egged him on, finding the prank hilarious, while others told him it was in very poor taste to do such a thing considering what has been happening.

One man, who has lost an eye to an attack like this, tweeted his disapproval for the YouTuber’s stunt. He said that if someone waved a gun around as a joke just to scare people, the police would be called for sure. He continued that this is no different.

Another concerned citizen stated that this is extremely disturbing given the amount of real attacks that have happened lately. What makes it worse is that the YouTube star is from the area and knows how scared everyone is with all of this going on.

They also said that YouTube should punish Arya so he cannot profit from terrorizing his neighbors.

Image Source: YOUTUBE

One suggestion was that he be introduced to an actual victim of a real acid attack so he can be shown how very unfunny his prank is.

Resham Khan, who was attacked with acid on her 21st birthday, asked how dare the young YouTuber make light of the injuries and suffering the victims of the attacks must live through. She said he will never know how excruciating it is to feel his skin melt off. It’s agonizing and certainly not funny, she said.


Even throwing the water is considered assault. In 2015, a woman was convicted for throwing water in the face of a child.

This is coming right on the heels of the Logan Paul YouTube scandal. Paul entered Japan’s “suicide forest” and took video of a body hung from a tree.

Moshell has been in trouble before. He once went around an pulled down the pants of citizens trying to show their underpants or private parts.

His following has been built by pranks like this, such as snatching hats right off peoples’ heads, snatching chairs out from under unsuspecting folks, and snatching their phones. He has also poured ketchup on people and knocked drinks out of their hands.

CEO of YouTube, Susan Wojicki, said in an interview with MSNBC, that the company is trying to remove and get rid of any and all troubling content that goes against the policies set forth to all who utilize the platform.

The plan is for 10,000 workers be hired to help with managing and enforcing the policies. She continues that hey have always enforced all of the community guidelines of the company. She talked about machines that can find disturbing or rule breaking content, and send it to human workers so they can check them out, and determine if they need to be removed.

Editor’s note:

A tough job, as many veteran bloggers know how to ride just this side of any line without crossing it.

In this case, it’s pretty clear that the line was crossed.

In this age of viral videos being one of the most popular forms of entertainment, it will take many to hold the content creators responsible for their actions. If they go too far, there needs to be consequences every time. There are plenty of subjects to make fun of and pranks to pull that don’t break laws or terrorize people. Let’s stick with those!


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