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It might come as a shock, but actor Martin Sheen, the father of the infamous Charlie Sheen, was arrested 66 times!

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

It may sound shocking (or not so much), but Charlie Sheen’s own father, actor Martin Sheen, has been arrested a total of 66 times! He’s actually on top of the list of most arrested celebrities ever!

Charlie Sheen might have gone down in history as a notorious drug abuser, a drunk, and the man, who got fired from one of the best sit-com shows of our century, but it turns out that his own father had more trouble with the law than Charlie has ever had! The 74 year old Martin Sheen was not only featured in The Daily Beast’s list of most arrested celebrities, but he actually beat all of his 21 runner-ups and topped the list acing the first place with a total of 66 arrests!

So what made the US government cuff Martin Sheen so many times? It might come as a shock, but he’s actually nothing like his son Charlie! Instead of getting himself into trouble thanks to an alcohol or drug addiction like Charlie, Martin is actually a good person. In fact, he’s such a prominent activist, that he has been caught illegally trespassing the Nevada Test Site during a protest against the state’s officials at a Nevada Desert Experience once.


Sheen himself admitted the large number of arrests he had endured back in 2009 when he held a speech at Oxford University. Apart from protesting, he was also arrested for tons of acts, which have portrayed “civil disobedience”. In fact, he was even a punch line for Craig Kielburger once! Kielburger, who’s also a prominent activist and human rights protector, joked how Sheen’s arrest are almost as much as the titles in his filmography!

The latter ones are over 200, so it’s highly unlikely that Sheen will get arrested so many times. If he keeps it up, however, he might just ace 200 arrests in the near future.


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