Adult Actress Olivia Lua Dead At The Age Of 23

Image Source: Olivia Lua / Twitter

The adult industry is completely shocked by yet another loss. 23-year-old adult performer Olivia Lua passed away during rehab. The death of the young woman has been confirmed on Friday by the agency with which she had been working.
The statement says that her death occurred due to a lethal mix of alcohol, prescription medication, and a variety of other substances.

Shockingly, Lua is the fifth adult star to lose her life since December of 2017. In the last few months, Yuri luv (31), Shyla Stylez (35), August Ames (23) and Olivia Nova (20) have passed away. Olivia Nova died very recently after a UTI infection, which resulted in sepsis, which is often deadly; the young woman could not handle the condition.

August Ames reportedly killed herself after online harassment on social media, which was provoked by her refusal to participate in a particular scene.

LA Direct Models is the agency that Lua worked with. Their statement says that a lot of comments were generated by the recent deaths of a number of adult movie stars, and sadly that number continues to grow. They had just heard the news about Lua’s death and expressed their condolences.

Image Source: Olivia Lua / Twitter

Later, it was revealed that Lua had issues after her drug addiction got to the point where she needed rehab, and she was fighting hard to deal with her problem; sadly, she recently suffered a major relapse, and things went downhill fast.
The agency statement also said that Lua had just went into another treatment clinic in West Hollywood after the above mentioned relapse, which occurred about one week prior to her death—that was the place where she was found dead.
Lua’s last message on Twitter might give you the chills, because it says that she feels “it” everywhere, adding that she wasn’t scared of anything. She posted a picture of herself with the tweet; in the picture, she is wearing all black clothing.

Image Source: Olivia Lua / Twitter

The tragic events around Olivia Lua’s death will probably heat things even more for the adult industry executives. Questions about the way the female performers are treated and industry working conditions have already been raised and asked over the last couple of months. Since the number of adult stars losing their lives increases rapidly, those questions ought to be answered. Many specialists have spoken about the problem and as it turns out, there have been a lot of studies that address a large number of issues regarding the adult industry.

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Image Source: Olivia Lua / Twitter

Some studies suggest that mental problems often occur often within the adult industry. At first glance it may seem strange, but everything you see in the videos is not real, it is a well-written scenario, and the actors are simply performing. The majority of viewers may think that making adult content is one big party that the actors get paid for, but this could not possible be further from the truth, especially in regard to the female performers.

Women in the adult industry are not just mistreated; they are abused in a number of ways. The harsh reality is that nine out of 10 women working in the industry would gladly quit if they had the option to do so. A lot of psychologists have conducted various studies, and they suggest that about the same percentage of the female actors suffer from or have partially experienced post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which is equal to the number of war veterans after they come home. This is quite disturbing.

When a female adult performer gets abused physically—mentally, physically, or both—she will probably not speak about it or share it with anyone because of embarrassment or the fear that she would not be taken seriously. Unfortunately, female porn stars are treated in a harsh and horrible way very often, and the suffering remains constant and hidden away within the women. At the same time, the adult industry wants everybody to think that the women working there are happy with what they do and that they enjoy themselves. Oddly enough, most of the female performers would claim that while they are still doing pornography, and the reasons are the same as those we already mentioned—mostly shame and guilt.

We just have to mention the physical aspect of the abuse, as well. Allegedly there are numerous ways a female adult performer could suffer. There are cases of rape on the set, and there are many kinds of diseases that could be picked up by one’s scene partner. These are things that have to be said out loud, because when they are combined with the mental burdens—such as the PTSD development—things are getting more than just a little serious.

Despite the fact every girl who enters this business signs a contract, she really has no idea what she is getting into; the difference between what these girls imagined that their career would be and what they experience in reality is often too much to cope with, and that is when substance abuse problems and mental health problems start piling up, resulting in tragic deaths—as we have all witnessed during the past few months. We hope that these tragic events come to a stop and the problems within the industry are addressed and taken care of.

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