Adult Actress Olivia Nova ‘Wanted To Get Sober’ Before Her Tragic Death, Her Friends Say

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There’s a saying, “That moment just before everything turns out to be fine is the toughest.” It’s a matter of enduring the hardest moments that life brings you.

Unfortunately, the young Lexi Forde known as adult star Olivia Nova, couldn’t survive those. She was found dead in a Las Vegas private residence at the age of 20. The cause of her death is still under investigation.

Family, friends and fans around the world are shocked, some even said that Nova’s death came totally unexpectedly to them.

Many people are on their worst behavior during the so-called “critical twenties”. Usually after that, they take their life under control as they reach a point where they need to change their lifestyle for the better.

Same goes for the “mild-mannered” Lexi Forde. She told a close friend of hers she wants to change her life for good.

The adult star had struggled with alcohol addiction and went through numerous accidents where alcohol was the catalyst of it all.

When hospitalized in October, doctors told her that her lifestyle was leading her to death.

A friend of hers shared that she wanted to start everything over again. She took a few days off and used the solitude to put her life into perspective. Nova said to a friend she appreciates her family more than everything and it’s worth it to change her life. Those days off she tried to get sober, but it seems she needed more than that.

One of her closest friends, Jimmie Romero, said that in her last days, she sought help from other friends as well. It seems she understood the critical phase she was in, as to seek help shows responsibility. This is where her case gets more complicated because it looked like she wanted to help herself.

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On Twitter, she offered to give a fan a “holiday call” mostly to help her with the depression.

Romero was the one who helped Nova get into a rehab, however, she never had the chance to do that.

Romero hopes Nova is in a better place, sending her love and wishing she found peace.

Nova’s life was quite troubled before getting into the industry, going through an accident with a snowmobile in 2014 that almost took her life, leaving scars on her face. Again, alcohol was involved.

At the hospital, she tried to draw attention with a photo she posted on social media with injured and covered-in-blood face

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After the accident, she sent a post on Instagram where she was being thankful for surviving the crash and thanked everyone who sent a prayer for her. She also warns everyone to stay away from alcohol before driving as it could take someone else’s life as well as their own.

Those accidents were not the only traumatic experiences she went through. Two days prior to her birthday last year, she lost her boyfriend by suicide. Just a year before her own death.

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In December 2016, she signed a contract with the modeling agency Direct Models in Los Angeles. She charmed the director of the agency, Derek Hay.

He described her as a beautiful, sweet and mild-mannered girl who had an easy-going personality. Her death was extremely surprising to him. He shared that he feels quite upset, as Nova was still so young. Also, she just started her modeling career, he was quite puzzled about the cause of her death.

Nova lived in private residence in Vegas which provided her the possibility of having conversations with Hay in his office, discussing her transfer from one agency to his own. It took them several meetings during which he started to get to know her.

Apparently, Nova left Hay under the impression that she was light-spirited. Hay said she completed a shoot in Prague and Paris where the agency sent her before Christmas.

He adds that the young star was found dead at a place that was not hers.

Unfortunately, it seems the industry faces quite a lot of tragic news lately. Nova is not the only girl that died in the last months. Still unclear, rumors are that alcohol is the main cause of her death.

August Ames, Turi Luv, and Shyla Stylez are some of the other victims.

Shyla Stylez was found dead under suspicious circumstances at the age of 35. August Ames is a victim of a suicide. She was found dead on December 6 and Turi Luv lost her life due to drug abuse.

Suspicious or not, those girls lost their lives during times of depression.

Fans around the world send love to Olivia Nova and pray for her, wishing peace for her soul.

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