After Admitting Sexual Assault, Doctor Larry Nassar Was Sentenced To 175 Year In Jail

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In case you’re not familiar with Larry Nassar, he is a doctor from the United States who was just sentenced to 175 years in prison because he assaulted over 150 women over a two-decade timespan. He was tried for sexual assault, and he was found guilty. He will almost definitely spend the rest of his life behind bars.

As the judge—Rosemarie Aquilina—put it: the former gymnastics doctor is a danger, and he remains a danger. She told him in court that she essentially signed his “death warrant”. She also told him that he did not deserve to ever again “walk outside a prison”. In her mind, he did nothing to control his unfortunate urges. Destruction, she said, will occur to the vulnerable if Nassar is free.

The judge actually called it an “honor” and a “privilege” to sentence him, calling what he did calculated and devious.

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Over 150 women took the stand to confront Nassar, and many of them bravely chose to speak without the benefit of anonymity. Nassar has now pleaded guilty to ten counts of sexual assault; his victims were young at the time; he did what he did while under the guise of offering medical treatment.

When the hearing regarding Nassar finally ended, the courtroom actually burst into applause.

To his credit, Nassar is at least claiming that the testimony of his victims has changed him for the better. After hearing the words of his victims, Nassar said that his victims’ words have had a “significant emotional impact”. He was, as he said, “shaken” to his core, adding that he would carry his victims’ words with him until the end of his life.
That said, the judge in the case read a letter from Nassar; according to the doctor, what he did was medical, not sexual. He ended up convicted on federal porn-related charges; in his mind, he therefore lost credibility. In a statement, he said that’s he’s trying to avoid a trial for the benefit of his community and his family. However, he clearly believes that what is happening to him is wrong.

He also went on to say that he was a good doctor and his treatments worked. The ones speaking out against him, he said, are the ones who praised him and repeatedly sought his treatment. The media, he said, convinced his victims that everything was “wrong and bad”.

He also added this: “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”; the origin of that phrase is a play called The Mourning Bride, which was written in 1697.

Nassar also claimed that his victims are doing what they’re doing in order to get attention from the media as well as financial rewards.

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Nassar is also facing a 60-year jail sentence for the possession of child pornography.
According to a prosecutor in the case, Nassar found gymnastics to be the ideal place to be abusive; his victims, she said, viewed him as a “god” of the sport. The prosecutor added that it takes a level of “sick perversion” to assault a child with her parents present.

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One of the athletes who accused Nassar of assault is now a lawyer in Kentucky. She came forward with her claims in 2016, stating that Nassar fondled and penetrated her when she was just 15 years old. Her name is Rachael Denhollander, and her statements are what got law enforcement to actively investigate Nassar.

She called him a man ruled by “perverted desires”.

Another one of Nassar’s victims, Mattie Larson, has said that she actually tried to give herself a concussion just to avoid attending a camp run by the man. She actually attempted to make it look like she slipped while bathing. She was so willing to harm herself to avoid contact with Nassar that she ended up developing a 6-year-long eating disorder.

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As Larson put it, she can’t even put into words just how much she hates Nassar. She believed, as a child, that he was a kind person. That kindness, she says, was a ploy that allowed him to molest her whenever he got the chance to do so.

The most disturbing thing said by a victim: no matter what Nassar was treating—usually the ankles or knees—his fingers always seemed to “find their way inside me”.

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Written by Kevin Barrett

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