After Losing His YouTube Gig, Logan Paul Says He’s Been Treated Fairly

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On December 31st, 2017, Logan Paul, YouTube Star ventured into the “Suicide Forest” of Japan and filmed a vlog. As they probably figured was possible, he and his entourage ended up encountering the dead body of a man hanging from a tree.

Although Logan did seem visibly upset by the discovery, the next steps he took effectively ended his career. Maybe not forever, but definitely for right now.

He got a very close up shot of the man’s body, including his face, which is just not a smart or respectful thing to do, by most people’s standards.

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He claimed that he wanted to make suicide real to people. To raise awareness by showing it up close and personal. He posted the video with the message that suicide is a real problem while displaying the number for the suicide prevention hotline.

He claimed that if he would be able to save even one life with the video, it would be worth it.

Whether or not his intentions were good, he made a serious misstep when he showed a dead body in his vlog.

He faced severe backlash from the public, and eventually was let go from the YouTube show “Foursome,” as well as having his YouTube channels canceled and his original ideas put on hold.

On Monday, Paul was spotted walking through Los Angeles International Airport. He tersely answered a few questions as he walked through the terminal on his way to the security gate.

The 22 year old was asked if he feels like he deserves a second chance after the stunt he pulled in the suicide forest. He said everyone deserves a second chance.

He was visibly annoyed as he was asked what his plan was to make money now that his former source has been taken away. He hemmed and hawed before finally alluding to the fact that it would be his Maverick clothing line, which is already popular in connection with his YouTube persona.

When asked, he said that YouTube and the public in general has treated him fairly considering all that has happened.

YouTube has also faced public outcries because they waited nearly two weeks before addressing the scandal.

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The fifteen minute video was removed quickly, but the damage was already done. He zoomed in, as I mentioned above, and can even be heard yelling to the body, asking if he was alive and just pretending.

He then seemed upset and did instruct someone to call the police.

He insists they went into the forest to explore the chances of any haunting activity only, and didn’t intend to find a body.

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After the backlash that Logan Paul received for his ill conceived post on New Year’s Eve, he posted an apology.

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That apology was met with disdain and prompted him to make a second, more sincere apology, and then the announcement in which he stated he was going to be taking time away to reflect.

In the second apology, Logan insists that his goal is to simply entertain, not offend anyone. He claims he just got caught up in the shock of the moment. He said none of them knew how to react to finding a body.

Hindsight is 20/20, as he learned when he said he should have stopped recording at the moment the came across the man.

He pleaded for his fans, members of the “Logang,” as they are referred to collectively, to stop defending what he had done. Continuing to say his actions didn’t deserve defending.

He claimed to be disappointed and ashamed of himself.

He also included the suicide victim and his family in the apology.

The disgraced star is worth an estimated $14 million dollars, mostly from the ad revenue generated from his posts on YouTube.

YouTube released several statements condemning the video and assuring viewers that they were listening to all the complaints.

They said they were just as upset as the public by the actions of one of their own. They said that it was absolutely unacceptable to go into a place that is widely known for deaths by suicide, and to exploit a body that is found.

They continued by saying that the man had loved ones and it was disrespectful and crass to do that in the name of mental health awareness.

Since the removal of his channels on YouTube, from which he once posted every day, he has not been heard from on any social media platform, and he has not been seen often out and about.

This isn’t the first time the Paul family has faced criticism from the public. Earlier, Jake Paul, 20, Logan’s little brother was called out for using the n word in an ill advised freestyle rap.

It isn’t clear what will come next for Logan Paul, but hopefully he has learned his lesson on putting it all out there. A little restraint is a good lesson to learn.

If you or anyone you care about is struggling with depression or thoughts of suicide, please call 1-800-273-8255.


Written by Amanda Johnson

Amanda Johnson is a former Army brat who resides in southern Alabama. She is married to her wonderful husband, Brian, and has four children; Justin, Nicolas, Molly, and Lucas. She loves reading, writing, cooking, and going to concerts. She also loves spending time at the beach and hopes to retire there someday.

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