After Starving Puppies Were Found In Her Yard, This Mom Is Now Banned From Having Any Animals

Image Source: RSPCA

A mother in Bentilee, Stokes, has been banned from owning dogs in a hearing at the North Staffordshire Justice Center. This comes after visits to her home proved neglect, starting from last May. Four puppies were discovered amongst piles of trash, starving on the first visit.

Carly Bennett had placed the bull mastiff pups in a crate and placed them outside in the rain because they were being loud and keeping her up.

They were given no shelter and were clearly starving when they were found by the local inspector.

Carly Bennet was pregnant and clearly didn’t want to deal with them.

An inspector for from the RSPCA came out and saw that the pups had been wallowing in their own urine and feces and had been forced into hunting for scraps to eat amongst the garbage.

Image Source: RSPCA

The yard they were in was dirty and hazardous for any living being to inhabit. The puppies were clearly malnourished and not cared for properly.

Inspectors were alerted to the situation by neighbors.

Finding nobody home, they spoke to neighbors who informed them of the puppies being trapped in the crate on top of garbage.

When the inspector followed up the visit after learning what he had from the neighbors, Bennett told him that her husband took the dogs off.

Image Source: RSPCA

Upon inspection of the backyard, the official found garbage and a horrendous odor.

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Three healthy adult dogs were observed.

The inspector spied things in the yard that could pose danger to the young dogs, including car parts.

Whining was heard from somewhere inside and when it was located, an opened door revealed the puppies who began to frantically look for something to eat, digging in the rotten garbage.

The veterinarian they were taken to was appalled by the smell of the dogs, who said it was from being forced to live in their own filth. It was determined that the puppies were 7-9 weeks old.

Carly’s excuse for putting them outdoors in the rain with no shelter was that they wouldn’t be quiet and kept waking her up.

Image Source: RSPCA

On another call, in August, prompted by police who were at the home for an unrelated incident, an emaciated adult dog was observed. The same dog had been healthy at the previous visit.

They have now all been removed from the property.

She admitted guilt, in court, to two charges each of causing an animal to suffer unnecessarily, and failure to care for animals in her possession.

Attorney Tony Cooke said that Mrs. Bennett didn’t not own the dogs and she didn’t want to take care of them in the first place. He cited that she had five young kids and was due to give birth to a sixth soon as the reason she just couldn’t deal with them.

Despite these arguments, she was found guilty of four charges and sentenced to a year of community service, 15 days of rehabilitation training and cannot own any animals for a ten year period.

She was also given a fine, in addition to the regular court costs.

Written by Amanda Johnson

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