An 11-Year-Old Girl Was Caught On Film Levitating During The Most Famous Poltergeist Case In Britain

Back in the late 1970s one of the most famous cases of paranormal activity was recorded at a simple council house located in Enfield, England. The case was dubbed “The Enfield Poltergeist” and back in the 70s managed to send the entire British nation and subsequently the whole world into a terrifying grip of fear. In June 2016, a movie which used the case as a setting for itself came out, titled “The Conjuring 2”.

The horrific case of an active poltergeist was first reported by Peggy Hodgson, a single mother of four. Their horrific experience began on August 30, 1977. Hodgson called the police authorities after she and her children got spooked by supernatural moving and knocking sounds which could be heard coming from the walls. The next evening things began escalating for the worst. The mother heard a loud crashing noise from the children’s room upstairs. When she went up to check what had happened, she witnessed a chest of drawers being moved by invisible forces. The supernatural occurrences continued to increase as time went on and the family decided to spend a night at their neighbours’ house. The man of the friendly family decided to help by investigating the haunted house. He also became a witness of the events and returned terrified.

When a female police officer arrived at the scene she witnessed a sofa moving on its own from one side of the room to the other. There were no cables or magnets to be found which could have explained the bizarre and spooky occurrence. Unfortunately, the police couldn’t really do anything about the occurrences as they had not seen anyone actually breaking the law.

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Photo credits: Graham Morris

The family then decided to seek help from the press. A photographer named Graham Morris who visited the house spoke about how he had seen objects flying across rooms, children screaming and a general sense of chaos and horror. Pictures were even taken during several disturbing occurrences. When BBC went to investigate and film, they found their recording gear had been oddly twisted and all of their footage had become either unusable or was just straight up erased.

As the family realised that the media couldn’t help either, the sought aid from the Society of Psychical Research, also known as the SPR. The two men who were sent to investigate, Maurice Gross and Guy Lyon Playfair were faced with a terrifying storm of supernatural activity. Grosse spoke about how he had realised the case was real the moment he arrived as he saw the sad state the family had been in. He also reported seeing flying objects such as marbles and Lego blocks, which, upon closer inspection, were found to be hot to the touch. At one point they found themselves in a situation where one of the children was supposedly being assaulted by an invisible force which was pulling the boy’s legs.

Written by Jacob August

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