An 11-Year-Old Girl Was Caught On Film Levitating During The Most Famous Poltergeist Case In Britain

Most of the reported psychic activity was directly connected to the 11-year-old Janet. Claims have been made that the girl had gone into violent trances, as if she had been possessed as she spoke with a terrifying male voice belonging to an old man. It was reported that she had introduced herself as Bill Wilkins, a previous occupant of the house who had died several years ago in an armchair in the living room. Family members spoke about how they had even seen Janet levitating and seeing the fireplace being ripped out of the wall by the poltergeist.

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Despite all the traumatic experiences Janet still believes that the poltergeist wasn’t actually truly evil. She spoke about how she believed the ghost wanted to be at peace but she and her family weren’t allowing that to happen due to living in the house.

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The trauma wasn’t limited to the house and the supernatural. The young siblings were bullied at school because of what was happening at the time. The now-married Janet has opened up about how she dreaded going back home as there was constant chaos and negative emotions inside. She spoke about how huge an impact the whole thing had on the family and how the experience haunts her even after all those years. It certainly didn’t help when she found out there would be a movie about this horrible period of her life as she said in an interview that she’s far from happy about it.

Apparently, the paranormal activity diminished the following year after a priest visited the house. This led to the media’s attention quickly perishing and the Hodgson’s lives began going back normal.

Unfortunately, soon after the press abandoned the case, Janet’s younger brother died of cancer when he was just 14 years old. Their mother, Peggy, also developed cancer which ended up being fatal for her as well. After her death, the remaining members of the family went their separate ways away from the haunted house. After the Hodgsons left, a family of a mother named Clare Bennet and her four sons moved in the Enfield house but moved out after the children began waking up in the middle of the night because they heard voices and at one point even reported having seen a man enter the sons’ room. Currently, there is another family which occupies the home, but they have decided to stay anonymous. All we know is that the mother that currently lives there is keeping the house’s history a secret from her children.

The paranormal experts and media reporters who gathered to investigate the case at some point also witnessed the paranormal occurrences and were not able to dismiss them as a hoax. Some doubted the children veracity but nevertheless the Enfield Poltergeist remains one of the most popular and well documented case of paranormal activity.

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Written by Jacob August

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