An Alleged Time Traveler From The Year 2030 Has Apparently Met His Future Self

Image Source: ApexTV/Youtube

A man who is claiming to be a time traveler from 2030 is also claiming he met a different version of himself—from 40 years in the future.

Surprisingly, the pair—claiming to be the same person—were actually willing to be interviewed together and answer the questions asked of them.

The man’s name is Noah Novak. The man sitting next to him, so it was claimed, is also Noah Novak—just decades older. In the video, the younger Noah claimed that the “older Noah” provided information to him that essentially proved they were indeed the same person.

Unfortunately for us, that information is considered “classified”, and they do not want to be caught by the government. Enjoy the video.

Classification issues aside, Noah insists that the “older” person is really him—his future self.

The younger Noah—the one from 2030—said that the older Noah offered up a bunch of personal information and said a lot of things about what the younger one did. The older one offered up a sequence of events since younger Noah’s return from 2017.

Allegedly, the older Noah revealed things that could have only been known had he been stalking younger Noah over the course of his entire life.

Younger Noah said that it would have been “really hard” for the older one to learn all of that information and there was “no way” he could have done so unless he had been around since the “very beginning”.

Image Source: ApexTV/Youtube

Most of us have probably read about the Grandfather paradox, and we’re therefore probably wondering how the two managed to interact. After all, shouldn’t their interaction have caused a space-time continuum rift? Apparently not, according to 2070 Noah.

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People from the future, he claims, are equipped with microchips that actually prevent them from doing anything that might genuinely alter the course of history.

So while there is technology in place that prevents time travelers from revealing any information that will alter history, the two “time travelers” did make the decision to share some information with us.

According to them, Donald J. Trump will definitely be reelected President of the United States in 2020. Also, artificial intelligence will become the dominant form of technology.

Apparently, according to the pair, we are currently only about a decade away from being able to travel through time. We will also be able to travel to Mars that same year.

To be honest, the alleged time travelers aren’t actually predicting anything that other people—who don’t claim to be from the future—are predicting. After all, Trump’s approval rating was believed to be 49 percent at one point last month, and pretty much everyone believes that artificial intelligence will likely become a big part of our lives in the next decade or so.

In fact, there is an entire hypothesis about the future of artificial intelligence, and it is called technological singularity. It is difficult to summarize, but the gist of it is the idea that artificial superintelligence will result in technological growth that can—and will—completely change human civilization.

Experts who have been polled regarding the idea of technological singularity believe that the really major changes won’t occur until the 2040’s or 2050’s.

If you think that the whole hypothesis is a bit out there, that makes sense; however, you should consider the fact that even Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking believe that artificial intelligence actually poses a real threat to humankind—the two absolutely brilliant men consider the uncontrolled rise of artificial intelligence to be a genuine cause for alarm.

Arguably, if they are worried, we probably should be too.

It is also worth noting that the United States Congress actually released a report over a decade ago in which the possibility of technological singularity was addressed.

Considering there are also theories out there that we will eventually achieve immortality by being able to upload our personalities onto a computer—called “digital ascension”—the idea of time travel does not really seem so “out there”.

However, at the moment, there is absolutely no way to prove or disprove the Noah’s claims that they are actually just different versions of one person.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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