An Instagram Star Toddler Choked On A Bouncy Ball And Passed Away

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People say that no parent should outlive their child, but unfortunately such tragedies happen far too often.

Alby Davis, a three-year-old boy from Australia, tragically died after he choked on a bouncy ball. The toy had been delivered to the family’s home in Tasmania earlier that day and was intended for use at the toddler’s upcoming birthday party.

The ball apparently ended up stuck in Alby’s windpipe while he was playing with it on Monday.

His mother Anna Davis tried desperately to revive him, but there was little she could do, so Alby passed away in her arms.

The toddler had two other siblings, and Mrs. Davis is reportedly pregnant with her fourth child. The devastated woman decided to post a tribute to her boy and share her feelings on Instagram.

She posted a few of Alby’s photos and captioned them. Under one of the photos, she wrote some of the last words the boy said—that he just couldn’t wait to go to bed that night.

Mrs. Davis said that Alby was photographed at 2:49 p.m. on Monday afternoon, laying under his new bed cover and smiling. Exactly forty minutes after the photo was taken, the toddler took his last breath—while in his loving mother’s arms.

Mrs. Davis added that she couldn’t possibly find any words to describe how grateful the whole family was for the love and support people were offering them after they experienced a nightmare—a nightmare that turned into a horrible reality.

Image Source: Instagram

The grieving mother also said that—in such an incredibly hard time—her family deeply appreciates the sympathy, the thoughts, and the prayers that Alby’s fans expressed. Mrs. Davis was obviously deeply touched by everyone’s generosity and added that Alby will remain three-years-old and be forever free. She wrote that her beautiful baby boy flew away from Earth.

It is truly heartbreaking reading these captions.

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Mrs. Davis has two other children—a girl named Sage Mila Wren and a boy name Acre Roo. The Instagram account that she runs is called The Small Folk, where Alby was featured frequently. The account is described as an enchanting play store that celebrates the natural way of growing up and the sweet simplicity of childhood.

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A page on GoFundMe was created by a friend of the family—Amber Cooke—with the idea to support the Davis family after the tragedy. The initial target was $100,000, but the raised amount so far is currently more than double that. During the first 24 hours of the campaign, the amount raised was $187,000.

The page says that during a time of unbearable sorrow, the beautiful Davis family needs to take their time and give each other all the love they have while mourning their son. In order for them to live through these awful times, they should not feel the burden of thinking about financial issues or work.

Alby’s dad, Simon Davis, works as a relief teacher and doesn’t have any leave, and Anna Davis has been busy due to the business that she loves so much—The Small Folk account.

The campaign organizers appealed to everyone for help, regardless of the exact amount that they could donate. The GoFundMe page was a way to help and support the Davis family and also show them that they were not alone.

Little garden explorers at @harvestnewrybar 🌻

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Many people decided to express their thoughts by commenting on posts on The Small Folk Instagram page, and some of them even offered to help run the business.

One of the comments said that such a loss could not be described with words and Alby could not be replaced in people’s hearts. The user expressed the compassion and love he had for the Davis family, wishing them all the best and hoping that their boy was now in a peaceful and safe place where he could be free.

Another user addressed Anna Davis, sending her much love and saying that her pain and feeling of uncertainty were something that this user had been through before because of a similar personal tragedy.

The user offered help with running Mrs. Davis’ business activities related to maintaining the account, saying that it would be a pleasure to help during such a hard time.

Written by Nick Martin

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