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An Iranian Teen Had 50 Plastic Surgeries To Look Like Angelina Jolie


A 19-years-old teenager from Tehran, Iran named Sahar Tabar had more than 50 (yes, you got it right) surgeries in order to become like her female idol Angelina Jolie.

Recently her Instagram posts went viral and she admitted that she would do anything to become like Jolie. She wanted to feel what is to be beautiful like her idol. This is definitely not the first time when  somebody is trying to look like Angelina Jolie, but this is the most noticeable one!

Image Source: Instagram

The teenager, being excited about her new look decided to upload picture of her new looks, but unfortunately it received a lot of negative feedback with a lot of people stating that she actually looks like “a zombie” and she just came from “The Living Dead”.

According to the Belgian online news website Sud Info the girl had 50 surgeries in just a couple of months.


She looked like that before all the surgeries:

Image Source: @sahartabar_official / Insagram

The exact count and nature of the surgeries can NOT be confirmed at the moment and this picture may be result of a good make-up, but we highly doubt that


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