‘#AndThenIWasFired’: 15 People Shared on Twitter How They Got Fired And It’s Hilarious

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Most of us have been in a situation that could have ended up losing our jobs. There is no wonder, as everyone could make a serious mistake at work. Sometimes, these mistakes actually lead to the worst consequence possible: getting fired. The only good thing about such moments is the surprising fact that the situations that caused them an be extremely funny and even weird, not to mention inappropriate or wrong. As you are about to see, some people even shared their experiences and we are glad they did. Thanks to the Hashtag Roundup Twitter account, we get to see them!

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1. The nanny

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Here is one curious situation that we think is a natural consequence of the fact that the kid grew up seeing his nanny just as much as their mother, if not more. We are not sure why the mother reacted like that and fired the nanny; maybe she was jealous.

2. The request

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People should be encouraged to talk about their mental health and to take care of it as well. It seems that many employers are missing this concept and they don’t understand why it’s so important to have employees in a good mental state.

3. The kind person

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Here is why we sometimes feel there is hope for humankind! This kind woman wanted to feed the large family with the food that was going to be thrown away anyway but her boss did not like that.

4. The training

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It seems that some managers have a complete disregard for how their workers feel. Even worse, sometimes employers even trick them into believing they are going to get paid for their contribution. As you can see, it still happens a lot.

5. The unacceptable behavior

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As you can see, there are things happening in this world that should never be allowed to happen at all. People are forced to put up with such behavior but employers often make matters worse.

6. The director

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Doing the right thing is sometimes going to get you in trouble for all the wrong reasons. Still, people have dignity and they do what they are supposed to even if it could mean they would lose their job.

7. The tasks

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It is no secret that most employees are always forced to do someone else’s job. This is a real bummer, as it is always something that is left unappreciated. In this case, it even got this person fired but it was probably a favor for him.

8. The revelation

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Just like the case above, this person was fired for no reason at all but it turned out to be in their favor. Nobody would like to be stuck in a miserable place and this lucky employee got out of it.

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9. The excuse

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Managers often prove to be unworthy of their position, as they show the inability to handle stress and to inspire their employees. Instead of appreciation, one person received the news they were fired in the weirdest of ways.

10. The deal

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This sounds like a real bummer and we bet it is! There are plenty of deals out there that are similar to the one described here. The employees in the little company have nothing else to do but to accept things for what they are.

11. The unfair treatment

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Talking about bosses being unfair to their clients, this is what we had in mind. Can you imagine how this person must have felt? We know that it was probably a mix of frustration and confusion.

12. The overtime

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Managers sometimes want to get the maximum of their employees to justify their wages which is not the way to go. In this case, one worker refused to work overtime on her birthday and they fired her.

13. The smell

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Needless to say, some people deserve to be fiend or fired on the spot for the things they sometimes say or do. In fact, this person should be a bit ashamed of what they said to their boss.

14. The advice

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Advising your colleague on something is not a bad thing but directly telling them something offensive is a huge no-no. This person was probably annoyed and this is the reason for the consequences.

15. The drink

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Practical jokes are hilarious but when you joke around with your boss, you risk a lot! As you can see, this person waxed their boss’s drink and they got fired soon after. Well, we need to be honest here: the person deserved this for pulling such a huge prank during working time.

Written by Sven Miller

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