Australian Firefighters Pose With Animals For Charity, And The Photos Are So Hot It May Start Fires

Lets not forget about the 2018 Australian Firefighters Puppy Calendar though! It is proving to be the most popular since its release and it appears to have been just as much fun for the guys to shoot! With over 65 firefighters flown in from all around Australia teaming up with homeless puppies it was a sure way to raise much needed exposure to their plight as well as make us go gaga over these gorgeous pictures.

NSW firefighter Keller having cuddles with a homeless puppy

Image Source: AustralianFirefightersCalendar

Victorian firefighter Dan giving Hugo & Gracie lots of love

Image Source: AustralianFirefightersCalendar

Now we know native animals and puppies are very hard to beat but we must make mention of the another of their best sellers. The ‘Hot Guy’ calendar features 12 of Australia’s absolute hottest firefighters on their own. “What?” “On their own?” Yes it sounds crazy but whilst there are no animals in this calendar we can assure you that the guys look ridiculously hot and will be appreciated for nothing else other than their sheer manly beauty.

Victorian firefighter Lincoln looking very happy and……..darn hot!

Image Source: AustralianFirefightersCalendar

Sydney firefighter Vaughn looking relaxed but smolderingly….hot!

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Image Source: AustralianFirefightersCalendar

Brisbane firefighter Richard looking a little wet but still managing to look…smoking hot

Image Source: AustralianFirefightersCalendar

Without any doubt these boys are setting hearts aflutter all around the world. They have just returned from the U.S. having been on Today Show, Steve Harvey’s show and’s live show.

Aside from the obvious good things these calendars have to offer us visually, the calendar is now in its 25th year and continues to annually donate vital funds to numerous charities around Australia. To date this iconic company has raised over $2.3 million for these charities with over $1 million of that being in the last 2 years alone.

Remember that in the day of everything being seen through a small screen in the palm of your hand there is still something special about walking into a room and seeing these hunky real life heroes smiling back at you!

Image Source: AustralianFirefightersCalendar

Special Thanks to Sherryn Hollioake (AFC)

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