Australian Man Set Ghost Hunting Device And Caught His Girlfriend Having An Affair With His Son

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When you are trying to search for a metaphysical explanation for something you cannot understand instead of using your rationale, you tend to not notice obvious things going on around you… such as your girlfriend’s ongoing affair with your teenage son. In any case, it’s the ghosts that got these two busted.

An Australian man had serious suspicions that ghost were lurking in his property and to prove the existence of these paranormal beings he set up a video camera in his kitchen, hoping to catch them on tape. He came back from work and started watching the footage, only to see his girlfriend canoodling with his son. The man immediately called the police and the woman was taken into custody as the boy was 16 years old and under Tasmania’s legal age of consent which is 17.

The girlfriend, 28, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had been in an 11-year relationship with the man and is the mother of his other son. The woman denied having intercourse with the boy, however, after the boy was sent off to live with his grandparents, he confessed that they became intimate three times in hotel rooms.

The woman later pleaded guilty at Australia’s Supreme Court to five counts of having intercourse with a minor. It was concluded that the story began with a conversation about the boy’s driving lessons in his bedroom. The situation gradually escalated from tickling to hugging.

The woman explained to the court that she was unaware that the 16 is under the legal age of consent. She was given a 1-year sentence, which could be reduced to 6-months in case of good behavior.


Justice David Porter condemned the woman’s actions, concluding that she was aware that what she did was illegal and that she “has caused much disruption to the young boy’s life”.

Hopefully, the stay in prison would have made the woman change her ways of thinking and acting.

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