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Being A Parent Is A Lot Harder Than Most People Think And These Pictures Prove It

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Only the people who already have children understand what that really means. It can be a really difficult, dirty and annoying job. To be even more specific, we must say that it’s more than just a job, because it eats most of your time, and in certain moments you feel completely squeezed out. Losing the will to exist is a normal part of the process. When you have a kid, you need to make a lot of compromises and sacrifices, while receiving absolutely no credit for anything you do.

Of course, there is a ton of sweet moments, but most of the time you are likely to be in a situation you wouldn’t be if you didn’t have children, and the following images will show you what we mean.

1. Parents need to be hypocrites in some situations

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When you kid keeps bothering you only to show you the same thing over and over again, it could be annoying, but you need to keep your cool, otherwise you will surely disappoint the kid, and nobody wants that.

2. Hiding sweets is a tough task

Image Source: LDS Smile

Not only do you need to hide all sweets from the children, but when you crave a chocolate bar, you must eat it secretly. The reason is that you are not supposed to give a bad example and munching on snacks and sweet while watching TV is not a good example for sure.

3. Putting the kids to bed is a battle

Image Source: Parenthood

This is one of the toughest things when you raise your kids. You need to overcome all the accumulated exhaustion from the day in order to fight with your toddler and make sure the little human is finally in bed, after which you can crash on the couch and surrender.

4. Remember when we said that parents are not appreciated?

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Well, here is one subtle proof of that! Kids cannot understand what their parents need to go through for their well-being. Some children become extremely disrespectful and demand a lot of different things without knowing when they are about to cross the line.

5. All the parental enthusiasm expires after the first child

Image Source: Ella’s List

While these photos are a bit exaggerated, we have to admit that there is a lot of truth behind this. The second kid usually is not anticipated with equal excitement to the firstborn child. Of course, the parents love them both, but it is just not the same.

6. Most of you probably know the struggle

Image Source: Me Me

We wish these things were easier to deal with, but they are certainly not. If you need to pull out the child seat from your car and install it in another vehicle, then you must be loaded with patience and a lot of time.

7. One very important rule is to never touch the baby after bedtime has already passed

Image Source: Mom

Considering how hard it is to put the baby to sleep, it would be insane to do anything that might ruin the magic. Any kind of contact might easily wake up the baby, which can cost a lot of time and effort to put the infant back to sleep.

8. This is pretty much the truth

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Image Source: Mom

While most parents struggle with one kid, imagine having four of them running around the house. You can be sure that it’s not going to be the bundle of joy you would expect, at least not all of the time. We admire all the parents who chose to have three or more children.

9. Ryan Reynolds has a point there

Image Source: Tiwtter

We find it quite annoying that some people would start presenting every scribble their kid drew as if it was a masterpiece. Let’s face it – only a small percentage of children have a talent at an early age; the rest simply draw totally worthless things.

10. Here is another side to parenting that’s bearable

Image Source: Mom

When the kid grows up to be a teen, then the table can turn and you might actually get some help around the house. However, there is a certain approach needed in order to receive some actual help, and you need to firmly stand your ground.

11. Dads often find themselves in confusing situations around babies

Image Source: Twitter

While dads are notorious for being able to take care of their toddlers in a weird or funny way, there are some situations that are more than hilarious. When someone sees you licking your newborn baby without knowing the reason behind it, you could count that as a weird situation.

12. Only those who have faced this know what we’re talking about

Image Source: Instagram

When a kid gets upset, you can bet that the screams would be loud enough to wake up the dead, which is a problem if you are in the middle of a store, for example. The only sympathy you would receive is by another struggling mom who knows how that situation feels.

13. Every parent needs to raise their voice

Image Source: Instagram

When you make a simple request, it is normal to expect that the kids will follow it, but things don’t work that way in real life. What happens is that you need to change the tone of your voice, as well as the decibels, otherwise nobody would hear you.

14. Well, raising twins has its perks

Image Source: Twitter

This post was probably made up just for laughs, but in reality there is always a significant difference between twins, even if they are identical on the outside. This requires a careful approach when you raise the kids.

15. Some moments happen only once in life

Image Source: Imgur

These moments include everything you get to teach your kid for the first time. This person knew that very well and made a sinister plot for revenge after a situation on the parking lot. It sound innocent, but it is a big deal for every father.

Written by Nick Martin

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