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Body Language Cheat Sheet: The Eyes



1. Lowering your eyebrows and squeezing your eyes show that you’re making an effort in concentrating on the conversation.
2. If you dodge your interlocutor’s eyes it might mean you’re showing apprehensiveness and lack of confidence.
3. Blinking often may show tension and nervousness or that you’re trying to evaluate something.
4. Looking directly into the other person’s eyes shows that you’re self-assured and confident.
5. Widening your eyes might mean that you’re showing interest in the topic or in the person you’re conversing with.
6. Glancing sideways could mean you’re irritated by a comment or a remark the other person has made.
7. Staring at your interlocutor could mean that you’re feeling dominant or aggressive.
8. Looking up and to your right usually means you’re recalling a memory.
9. If you’re looking directly upwards it could indicate that you’re thinking about something.
10. The eye contact is usually broken when you are offended by your interlocutor and vice versa.
11. Lowering your eyes might be a sign of submission, guilt or even fear


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