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Body Language Cheat Sheet : Upper body


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1. If you push back your shoulders, you simulate power and confidence.
2. If you keep your arms open when speaking it means you’re open to communication and feeling comfortable when approached.
3. Folding your arms in front of your chest is believed to be somewhat of defense reaction which creates a boundary between you and your surroundings.
4. If you’re resting your arm behind your neck, it shows you’re interested and open to the discussion.
5. Pointing out your finger is believed to be a sign of assertiveness and even aggression.
6. Touching the front of your neck might mean that you’re giving the conversation your full attention.
7. Upward and outward hand movements are a sign of positivity.
8. If your palms are facing your interlocutor, it means you are unwilling to approach.
9. Entwining your fingers or pressing your fingertips together means you’re seriously evaluating something.
10. Most of the time when you’re offering an idea to someone, your palms are placed closely to each other with extended fingers.



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