Did you know that Mr. Boselli is the hottest math teacher on the..


Do you hate math? If you take a look at the most hottest math teacher on the planet (Mr. Boselli actually Italian), you would hate it even more!

Image Source: Instagram @pietroboselli
Image Source: Instagram @pietroboselli

Meet the gorgeous Mr. Boselli – definitely the most attractive math teacher you will ever meet! Scratch that, he’s probably the most attractive math teacher you will never meet!


Pietro Bosselli was born in Negrar, Italy, but he started teaching math at the University College London in the UK. One of his students decided to Google the charming Mr. Boselli and was surprised to realize that the teacher was actually a high-end fashion model. (If you really take a look at him, though, you wouldn’t be that surprised.)

The 26-year-old Pietro doesn’t teach math anymore, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have tons of fans amongst college students and older people. The 26 year old’s ah-mazing physique has landed him tons of gigs as a high-end fashion model. In fact, he’s so much more than your average good looking male model. Mr. Boselli is also a competing model, and one of his medals is from the European WBFF. Last year he was crowned with the gold from the competition and received the prestigious title European Fitness Model 2014.

Apart from his medals, Pietro also has a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering and apparently, is qualified enough to teach math at college. After one of his students initially found out he was a model, more students started searching for pictures of their former lecturer and started sharing them. That’s how Bosselii ended up making headlines worldwide not only for his medals, but also for his attractive looks and the fact that he may as well be the most gorgeous math teacher ever.
If you’re finding it hard to believe, just check out his Twitter and Instagram pages and imagine how hard it would be to focus on mathematical equations if this guy is teaching them!


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