Brazilian YouTube Star Shot In The Head After Road Rage

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A prominent Brazilian YouTuber was involved in a horrible incident recently. Isabelly Cristine Santos was injured badly on a Brazilian motorway after an argument between her driver and a random motorist. Santos and the man behind the wheel were travelling between Ipanema and Praia de Leste in Parana when the incident happened. The road rage reportedly escalated quickly; a gun was pulled out, and 14-year-old Santos had the misfortune of standing in the way of the bullets.

One of the bullets hit her in the head. The whole thing happened around 1:50 a.m. on Wednesday morning.

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The teenage girl was immediately rushed to the Regional do Litoral hospital in the nearby town of Paranagua. The medical staff did whatever they could in regard to her injuries, but it seems that things are not well; after the initial treatment, one of the neurologists who examined the teenager said her condition is quite serious. Shortly after that, Santos’ mother wrote on social media that her daughter was brain dead.

Santos was the creator of all the content on the Isa Top Show YouTube channel, which has a total of 4.5 million views, and the followers of the channel number close to 90,000. Her young age did not stop her from creating and uploading quality video logs. She regularly made videos from various places, such as parties and club events. Every video she made featured her holding a branded microphone that became a signature detail. The teen vlogger advertised her YouTube channel as something special, containing interviews, random news, and even beauty and fashion advice.

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Image Source: CEN

One of her videos is particularly popular and has gathered more than two and a half million views. It is an exclusive interview with the popular Brazilian star performer MC Lan. Sadly, the most recent video that has been uploaded on her channel features a report about the shooting Santos was involved in.

The authorities have already arrested a couple of people due to the incident. The suspects were found in their homes in Canoas Resort in Pontal do Paraná. Rui Barroso, a Military Police Lieutenant Colonel, made a statement that nobody among the involved in the case has a criminal record. The gun that one of the suspects used was also found. It turned out that the firearm was legally owned and registered, and the person who fired the shots has already confessed everything.

Police reports state that nobody else was harmed in this incident—and nobody else is probably involved in it; the incident is a random case of a road argument gone really badly.

Image Source: CEN

When a person is brain dead, the brain has absolutely no ability to function, unlike a vegetative state—in which the patient is usually unable to respond or move. True brain death means that certain involuntary functions, like breathing, also stop functioning.

Sometime family and friends of brain dead people are given a sort of false hope by the so-called Lazarus sign. This is a movement in which a brain dead person’s arms and legs rise up in the air and then fall back down on the chest. It is nothing more than a reflex caused by the spinal cord, and it has nothing to do with the brain.

In case of a full brain death, the brain stem is not functioning; however, if only the brain is affected, then the heart and the lungs could function without the assistance of a machine.

The differences between the variations of brain death can sometimes be interpreted differently depending on the country or the state. Some jurisdictions consider brain death to be equal to death in legal terms, while in other places a person is declared dead only when vital organs such as the heart stop working irreversibly.

The investigation is still going on. The the authorities have yet to announce who exactly started the road argument and who Santos’ driver was at the time the shooting occurred.

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