British Guy Befriends Random Aussie Dude With The Same Name And Takes Him Out For A Beer ‘Competition’ In Edinburgh

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Many successful relationships have started through social media. More and more, people started to believe that the internet really can really help you find a partner in life.

It’s a bit different with friendships though. Most people don’t find themselves in search of a friend on social media, as the spontaneous and natural way that everyday life offers for meeting one another other is still the preference of most. Nevertheless, there are numerous examples of how something we do just to have a laugh ends up changing one’s life. Here is an interesting and stirring one.

At the age of 21, Ryan Grenfell from Australia sent a friend request to another guy, who also had the name Ryan Grenfell, also 21; a key difference between the two is that the latter is from Scotland.

It’s not hard to imagine what a laugh it was when they saw they are namesakes and also the same age.

They started to communicate frequently in an attempt to get to know each other. Their easygoing personalities helped them connect on a deeper level and create a somewhat of a bond.

Shortly after, they both realized how much they enjoy each other’s company, which allowed them to slowly build the trust that allowed them to reveal more and more about their personal lives.

One of them shared that he had no idea that something based on a joke would end up in a fellowship that has lasted over a year now. Stuff like that hadn’t happened to him before, and it is only natural he didn’t take it seriously at the beginning.

It seems when we approach someone free from expectations, we tend to be more genuine and friendly.

Psychology’s explanation:
– We don’t expect to be judged (as we are not too judgmental ourselves), which prevents us from being too suspicious or too confident
– We are more likely to be present in the moment as our mind will be less likely to analyze the other person’s moves, words, and his/her general behavior

After conversations through social media, the friends started to FaceTime each other. Often, it would happen when they were out and about, having drinks with friends. When drunk, they called each other and joked around with their mutual namesake, a matter that was built over the months of communication.

They call it a “party trick” and have a huge laugh doing it.

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A few months later, the Australian Ryan told the Scottish Ryan he intended to take a trip to Europe. After all that time communicating, an opportunity arose to finally meet. Australian Ryan offered to meet in Edinburgh in person.
When Australian Ryan arrived in Edinburg, Scottish Ryan took the train to welcome his new friend. It was a great meeting, filled with laughter as usual, as well as a few drinks.

During that meeting, the pair came to believe that it is genuinely possible to start a friendship through Facebook, even though they reside half a world away.

As a good host, Ryan from Scotland showed Australian Ryan around town. They visited local restaurants and pubs, having a great time.

What happens next is something that makes the whole adventure even more memorable.

Their story drew the attention of Scotland’s Favorite Pint—Tennent’s. The company was delighted by the idea of two namesakes’ union, and it decided to encourage others to do the same.

They even made a contest, the prize being a total of 20 beer cases. The rules were simple. If a person has a namesake, he or she should go to Tennant’s Facebook page and tag the other in a comment in order to win one of the cases.

The Scottish Ryan introduced the other to some local beverages, and one of them was good enough that the Australian Ryan liked it so much that he filled his luggage with it for his trip home.

They both believe they found a real friend, and sharing this crazy experience made their relationship even more interesting and meaningful.

Soon after their official acquaintanceship, they began planning to switch roles. Scottish Ryan will travel to Australia and celebrate New Year’s Eve with his new friend.

Scottish Ryan shared that he will definitely go, but will have to save money, as other Holidays are coming as well.

We can only wait to hear what happens next and enjoy the sequel to this story.

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