Brown Eyes Are Actually Blue Underneath, And As A Result There Exists Laser Surgery To Turn Brown Eyes Blue

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It has been proven that the blue color is secretly hidden underneath the brown. The method itself is plain and simple: you take a laser and with it you burn the brown pigment cells in the cornea. If you blink you could miss the whole show, because it only takes up to 20 seconds. By submitting to this process you will alter the natural pigmentation of the eye and you will gradually have your blue eyes within a fortnight.

“Only in the eyes of love you can find infinity.” ― Sorin Cerin, Wisdom Collection: The Book of Wisdom

Some people truly believe the eyes of a person are the gateway to their soul and inner self. As beautiful as this may sound it also indicates the tendency that some folks would have a rather big distaste of the outer appearance of their eyes.

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“Oh, how I wish I had your baby blue sparkling eyes” is a phrase that is more commonly heard than never before. This is why people have been inquiring more and more whether they can change the natural color of their eyes without having to deal with expensive contact lenses. This a rising trend that ophthalmologists and other medical institutions have to deal with nowadays.

We have some good news for you on this matter. For the past decade there has been an astonishing development in the field of eye surgery. A laser operation technique which can make your brown eyes as blue as the sky has recently become very popular among eye clinic patients. Unfortunately, it works only on individuals with naturally brown-colored winkers.

The practice itself is harmless and totally pain free, but as all medical procedures it hides some risks for the long-term well being of a person. Some specialists in the field share their advice this process is actually quite invasive and unnatural for the human organism and may lead to a possibly blinding state called pigmentary glaucoma that is connected with the drainage of melanin in the eye.

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