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Can you believe it?! A Brazilian man married a…

74 year old Aparecido Castaldo is a retired stonecutter, a widower and a father of eight children. However, he still felt that he hadn’t lived his life to the fullest. And in late 2013 he showed it to the whole world by taking an unusual bride – one of his many pet goats.

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Aparecido Castaldo and his bride, Carmelita, have been in love for the past couple of years. Castaldo decided that being 74 years old means it’s high time to follow your heart and marry the love of your life. He considers that there are many advantages to marrying a goat instead of a human being. When asked about his odd choice, Castaldo explains that the goat doesn’t want money, doesn’t talk and doesn’t go shopping. Clearly, his ex-wives had these things in common. However, marrying his perfect wife wasn’t easy for the Brazilian man. No Christian church wanted to join them in a holy union, so the man had to turn his search towards a Satanic church in Jundiai, Brazil. The wedding eventually took place at midnight on the 13th of October 2013.

Written by Patrick Bennet

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