Celebs Are Supporting Cyntoia Brown, A Sex Trafficking Victim Who Shot Her Abuser And Got Sentenced To Life

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Cyntoia Brown was only 16-year-old when she became a victim of a sex trafficking. Being only 16 she was forced to work on the streets by her boyfriend who demanded to earn him money every single day. After working on the streets for a while she was picked by a 43 years old real estate agent. Long story short – she shot him to death and left his house. After a little while she was arrested and sentenced to life.

The beginning:

Cyntoia was adopted when she was a little kid, because her biological mother had alcohol problems and had been in jail multiple times. She was adopted by a teacher. By the age of 16 she left her foster home and started living with her 24-year-old boyfriend nicknamed “Cut Throat”.

“Cut Throat” started to pimp her on the streets. Keeping in mind that Cyntoia had a bad childhood full of alcohol and drugs abuse she had no other choice but obeying him.

Sentenced to life:

In August 2004 the teenager was picked by a 43-year-old real estate agent. According to her they had dinner in his home and he showed her his gun collection. A little while after the dinner they went to the bedroom. A couple of minutes after entering the bedroom she shot him with a pistol “Cut Throat” had given her, because she was afraid for her life.

In the court she said that she spent the previous two weeks on cocaine and thought that the real estate agent was reaching for his gun to kill her. After shooting him, she grabbed some cash from his wallet, two guns and drove his truck to the nearest Walmart store. She left the truck at the Walmart parking lot and went home.

Cyntoia’s lawyer claimed self-defense, but the court rejected it, because she had stole 2 guns and some cash after killing her abuser. She was found guilty of prostitution and first-degree murder, and sentenced to life in prison. She will be able to get parole when she’s 69 years old.

Celebs are supporting her:

After hearing her story in 2011 the filmmaker Daniel Birman made a documentary about Cyntoia called “Me Facing Life: Cyntoia’s Story

In 2011 Tennessee changed the law to prevent those under 18 from being charged with prostitution.

After seeing the documentary Kim Kardashian West, Cara Delevingne, Rihanna and other celebs supported her by posting on their timelines about it.

Kim Kardashian stated that she’s going to call her lawyer to see if there is something it can be done about it.

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Rihanna also posted a status about Cyntoia on her official Instagram account.

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How is all this going to help her?

Cyntoia’s lawyer is still trying to reduce her sentence. She has already been in jail for 15 years. Currently there is a petition with more than 220,000 signatures. As soon as the petition reaches 250,000 signatures it will go straight on the Governor’s desk.

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