Chemotherapy can cause your hair to grow back with a completely different texture and color

Cancer is a group of diseases associated with abnormal cell growth. The cell growth and spreading across a persons’ body is often referred as “tumors”. Tabacco use is the main reason for more than 22% of the cancer’s deaths. Another 10% are due to excessive drinking, poor diet, lack of physical activity and so on…

There are many different cancers. Some of them require surgery, other require chemotherapy. Sometimes when the cancer is really bad it may require both.

Apart from saving your life, chemo can actually make a drastic change to your hair. The media has labeled the effect as “chemo curls”.

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Sarah Thebarge, an Oregon-based 32 year old woman, is one of many patients to have experienced chemo curls. Before being diagnosed with breast cancer and starting her chemotherapy in her late 20s, Sarah had fine blonde hair. She lost her locks after she went through 8 rounds of chemo. When her hair finally started growing back, it was unrecognizable. Her formerly straight blonde hair grew back dark, thick, curly and untamable. The effects of the chemo resulted in not only different hair color, but also a completely different texture.

According to experts, cancer patients experience hair loss during therapy because the chemicals kill not only rapidly spreading cancer cells, but also hair follicles. However, they’re not sure what exactly causes these hair changes after chemo.

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