Chris Evans & Ryan Reynolds Agree To Make Dying Boy’s Final Wish Come True

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When you think of truly kind people, you generally don’t first think of Hollywood stars. However, famous actors Chris Evans and Ryan Reynolds have proved what nice guys they actually are—they decided to grant a dying boy his last wish.

Chris Evans is well known for playing Captain America in “The Avengers”, and Ryan Reynolds is famous for playing the superhero “Deadpool”.

They clearly know how important their iconic roles are—and they take it all as seriously in the real world as they do in the fictional world their characters inhabit.

It was Shannon Bream, a journalist on “Fox News”, that used Twitter to tell the story of a boy with a terminal illness who desperately wanted to meet the superheroes before he died. For obvious reasons, people were moved.

In the Tweet, Shannon talked about the boy—Emilio—and shared his final message. She said that she needed the help of Twitterverse because she was trying to help a boy who was dying and probably only had days. All he really wanted was a greeting from one of The Avengers. She asked anyone with a celebrity connection to let her know—and also asked people to retweet what she tweeted.

To Shannon’s probably surprise, the tweet was retweeted—more than 23,000 times. Even more surprising is that not one but two superheroes decided to step up and reach out to the dying boy.

Within five hours, Chris Evans—who plays Captain America—replied, saying he would be happy to help. Ryan Reynolds, adding that Deadpool is really more of a “reserve Avenger”, also said that he would be happy to help. While Deadpool is part of the Marvel Universe, he is part of the X-Men film series, not the Avengers.

Naturally, Shannon was thrilled by the response, and she tweeted her appreciation to everyone, saying that major progress was made. In particular, she thanked Jake Tapper—an American journalist for CNN. He apparently helped connect Shannon with one of the stars.

She said that Twitter really can be full of love when a person really needs it.

Naturally, fans of both Ryan and Chris expressed their admiration for the Hollywood actors. One fan tweeted to Chris that he is an example of everything good and beautiful about humanity, and also referred to him as “Cap”.

Another asked to be excused to cry, saying that Chris Evans is a good soul and “always a gentleman”. That user said that Chris’ “momma” raised him right.

Another user said that Cap came through “as always”. One user said that Chris is a fantastic human—that we do not deserve. Yet another added that, as an older man, Chris will have the pleasure of knowing that he was an authentic hero.

Ryan Reynolds also received a lot of praise on Twitter. One Twitter user named Amanda said that Ryan is an amazing man with a gigantic heart who is an inspiration to us all.

Another user named Andrew Fox, who is Canadian, said that Ryan being an amazing person makes him proud to be a Canadian.

One person said she is convinced that Ryan is an angel. Another user, a 37-year-old man, said he loves Ryan a bit more each day, and then joked that he would really need to explain what he wrote to his wife.

So it looks like Emilio really will be getting greetings from The Avengers. In fact, it looks like Chris Evans and Ryan Reynolds won’t be the only ones sending videos to the dying boy.

Other stars from the Marvel universe, including Paul Bettany, the voice of J.A.R.V.I.S/Vision, Paul Rudd (who plays Ant-Man) and Elizabeth Olsen (who plays Scarlet Witch) intend to send videos. Rudd was apparently the star contacted by Jake Tapper.

As of Monday afternoon, Evans had sent his video to Emilio.

“Deadpool 2”, the sequel to the 2016 movie, is going to be released on May 18th of this year. Apparently, a sequel is already in development.

“Avengers: Infinity War” is scheduled to be released on the 27th of April. In addition to Chris Evans as Captain America, it will star Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Paul Bettany, Elizabeth Olsen, and Mark Ruffalo.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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