Crayola warned all teenager against using colored pencils as makeup

Image Source: YOUTUBE

The freaky trend of applying crayons instead of make-up has gone so far that Crayola has responded to it in a desperate plea to make people stop doing it.

Image Source: YOUTUBE

Lately several beauty bloggers on the popular video sharing website YouTube have started a new trend, which consists of applying crayons on your face instead of eyeshadow, lipstick or eyeliner. It’s one of those freaky trends and beauty tricks and hacks, which basically give ideas on how to transform something into something else. Or in other words, the trend suggests you can make your very own colorful DIY make-up with crayons.

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The trend has reached such publicity that Crayola, the top manufacturer of colored crayons, has responded to it. Instead of stating the obvious – that the whole idea of applying crayons to your face instead of make-up is stupid – they chose a less aggressive, but still efficient approach. They stated that their products have never been tested, let alone designed as make-up, thus, it’s not advisory to use them as such. The company also stated that their products are 100% non-toxic (just as the labels on their crayons state). The crayons are colorful and scented, which is why there have been reports of little kids trying to eat them. Fortunately for these kids and their parents, Crayola makes non-toxic crayons, which won’t in any way affect the kids’ health. However, the company still expressed its concern about the freaky DIY make-up trend with crayons.

They made an official statement on their website, which claimed that their first and foremost priority is safety, since they manufacture children’s products. Nevertheless, they also stated they discourage the use of crayons as lipstick, eyeshadow and eyeliner.

Or in other words – beauty bloggers, please, stop using crayons for something else than coloring drawings.

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