Did you know chewing bubblegum leads to….


Are you experiencing often headaches? Are you chewing gum on daily basis? You should consider giving up on your habit, because it could be the cause of your migraines.


Reports state that a new study proves that chewing bubblegum causes headaches. Dr. Watemberg and his team of scientists from a medical center in Israel have conducted a study on several of their patients. The patients were experiencing often migraines and were between the age of 6 and 19. They were also daily bubblegum chewers. Dr. Watemberg told the patients to quit their chewing habit for a month. Surprisingly, 87% of the patients reported of decreased headaches. In order to verify his theory, the doctor asked some of the patients to return to their chewing habits for another two weeks. Unsurprisingly, the migraines returned in no time.


Dr. Watemberg believes the temporomandibular joint (the place where the skull and the jaw meet) may cause the migraines if it’s overused. A previous study suggested that the artificial sweeteners caused headaches, but it turned out that overusing your TMJ by chewing bubblegum on daily basis is the reason for the headaches.


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