Did you know Katy Perry stole Dark Horse’s tune…


It’s not a surprise that each single Katy Perry releases becomes a humongous hit in no time. After all, she’s working with some of Capitol Records’ finest song writers and producers. However, it seems their work might not be as original as it seems.

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

Earlier this July Marcus T. Gray, a Christian rapper, who’s better known by his stage name Flame, filed a lawsuit against the 29 year old Dark Horse hit maker. The lawsuit states that Perry and Capitol Records stole the tune of the single from Flame’s Joyful Noise song from 2008. Not only does Flame sue Petty for not paying him a dime for the original tune and stealing it, but he also claims that her music is dubbed as “Devil’s music”. That’s right, the Christian rapper states that his song’s reputation got tarnished thanks to being associated with black magic, witchcraft and paganism, and he also claims that Dark Horse is a replica of all those themes.


If you listen to Joyful Noise you’ll find that the tune is almost the same. 


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