Did you know that А Connecticut ghost town is up for…


Back in 1842 the Village of Johnsonville was founded in Connecticut, US, close to present-day Hartford. It was a prosperous little village consisting of a total of 8 parcels of land, which housed a church, a general store, a wooden dam, a covered bridge and some historical buildings such as the Neptune wine cord mills. The mills closed down in the 1970s and shortly after that the village became one of the countless ghost towns on the territory of the US.



Nowadays RM Bradley, a property management firm, has partnered up with in order to put Johnsonville up for auction. The auction will be open between the 28th and the 30th of October and the asking price for the ghost town is $800,000. A short video presenting the village in a peaceful and mesmerizing light shows some of its 19th century houses, waterfalls and places that were once functioning and welcoming tons of people. According to RM Bradley, Johnsonville is suitable for 21st century living requirements such as a general store, restaurants, hotels, schools and beautiful nature.


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