Did you know that а woman is searching for her biological mother after the latter abandoned her…


In the not so distant 1986 a woman decided to abandon her baby. That very same baby grew to be known as the “Burger King Baby”.

Nowadays Katheryn Deprill is a married mother-of-three. However, the 27 year old used to be a nameless abandoned newborn baby at a Burger King bathroom in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Brenda Hollis, her foster mom and the rest of her foster family made Katheryn’s life easier and provided her with a safe and good childhood. But Katheryn has been curious about her biological mom her whole life. She tried to use Facebook in order to find her, but when the social media didn’t help, she turned towards radio and TV stations. The woman wants to know if she has any biological siblings and to find out why her biological mother has abandoned her in the first place.

Katheryn states that she’s not angry with her mom for her decisions, but she has a number of questions ready to be asked.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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