Did you know that 18 year old teen created an app for lazy people who hated reading and Yahoo bought it for…


Nick D’Aloisio is an 18 year old kid from the UK, who’s currently the team leader of 10 genius software engineers in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, in an office run by the tech giant Yahoo.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

When Nick was still a 12 year old kid he learned coding and programing. Three years later he managed to program his very first application that thousands or even millions of users operate with today. Nick’s app was specially designed for people who didn’t want to read the news on the web. It basically brought different news and results to each user thanks to the user’s preferences. In other words, the 15 year old Nick was able to generate the extremely useful and genius app called Summly. Ashton Kutcher was one of the very first people who invested in Nick’s invention. Shortly after that Yahoo came into the picture and bought it from the kid for $30 million.


They later developed Summly into what we know nowadays as Yahoo News Digest. Nick’s current position at Yahoo is a product development manager. 


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