Did you know that 2. A man called “Paz” snuck into Paris Hilton’s 30th birthday party, stole her $3200 red velvet cake, and…


Paris Hilton has it all – fame, fortune and absolutely adorable Chihuahua puppies. But she didn’t get to enjoy her super expensive red velvet B-day cake on her own birthday party!

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE


Back in 2011 when Hilton turned 30 the famous socialite ordered a birthday cake for $3,212 for a pre-B-day party with VIP guests. The red velvet cake soon became unbelievably famous not because it was super expensive or because it was Paris Hilton’s birthday cake, but because it actually got stolen on the party. One man from Los Angeles, who identified himself only with the nickname “Paz”, somehow managed to sneak into the socialite’s party. He waited several minutes after Paris blew out the candles and then made a run for it with the huge dessert. Paz sliced up the stolen red velvet cake into 125 slices and gave them away to homeless people in the center of Los Angeles. He then shamelessly told the social media that the cake was simply delicious.


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