Did you know that 2 year old girl called 911 to ask for help with putting her…


A 2 year old girl from South Carolina called 911 to ask the police to help her with putting her pants on!

Image Source: WHIO-TV
Image Source: WHIO-TV

Aliyah Ryan is making headlines for the shocking reason behind her calling the emergency 911 hot line.
Aliyah is a 2 year old girl residing in Greenville, South Carolina, US, with her mother Pebbles. On the 2nd of March Pebbles left for work and left her young daughter with her caretaker. The girl found herself in some trouble while trying to put her pants on, so she did what any other toddler would do – sought help. However, she didn’t seek it from her caretaker, but decided to call the emergency services instead of going to the only grown-up person around her. She dialed the 911 hot line and then gung up, so the dispatcher sent a police car to the girl’s address.

Martha Lohnes, the police officer, who arrived at the address, was shocked to discover the 2 year old Aliyah opening the door with her pants down. The 2 year old toddler stated that she had called because of an emergency – she couldn’t get the pants fully on.


The police officer helped the girl and when Aliyah asked for a hug, the woman felt like that had been the best part of her day. Later that same day when Aliyah’s mother got home, she was shocked to hear the story by her daughter’s caretaker. The woman commented on the girl’s extraordinary request and plea for help and shared that she had told her daughter about the emergency number before. However, Pebbles was still truly shocked to learn that her kid had not only remembered the number and that it was supposed to be used in emergency cases, but that she had also managed to call the dispatchers!


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