Did you know that 25% of Russian men die before the age of 5…..


Regardless of the variety of alcoholic beverages sold all around Russia, the Russians prefer drinking their good old vodka. Thanks to the high consumption of vodka, the government has declared the alcohol abuse in Russia a national disaster.

According to official reports, around 25% of Russian men die before they reach the age of 55 and the alcohol is the main reason for their deaths. The average lifespan of a Russian man is estimated as 64 years, but thanks to cancer, violence, suicide, accidents, liver and heart diseases and a variety of other disasters caused by alcohol around ¼ of the male population in the country is dying prematurely. The government has tried a variety of methods in order to lower the alcohol abuse rate in Russia – from pursuing fake licenses and illegal sales to signing a number of bans and bills. However, the majority of deaths in the country are still connected to alcohol abuse.
Russian officials hope they can come up with an idea that will help them lower the alcohol consumption rate by half by 2020.


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