Did you know that 3 masked burglars unknowingly broke into Dolph Lundgren's home and tied up and…


Three masked burglars broke into Dolph Lundgren’s home in 2009, but fled the scene when they saw his face in a family photograph.

Image Source: TUMBLR
Image Source: TUMBLR

Back in early 2009 three masked men decided to break into a house in Marbella, Spain. They didn’t know who owned the house, so they intended to burglarize it. The only person present in the house during the burglary was Lundgren’s wife, Anette. They tied her up and threatened her with knives, demanding cash and other valuables. Before they could do permanent damage or actually steal something valuable, the burglars found a family photograph of the famous actor and martial artist. The photograph showed Dolph and his two daughters, Ida and Greta. Once the burglars realized the house owner was the guy, who once beat up Sylvester Stallone in real life, as well as on the big screen, they immediately fled the crime scene.


According to official reports, Anette was traumatized by the experience and wanted to move away. However, her husband was positive that the burglars won’t try anything again knowing they would have to face him in a real fight, just upped the security in the house. The reports also showed that other celebrities, who lived in the area, also decided to do the same. The burglars were never found, but we’re sure nobody would want to get into a face to face fight with the 58 year old Swedish martial artist. During the time of the attempted burglary many famous celebs lived in the Marbella area near Lundgren’s house – Alan Sugar, Simon Cowell, and even Antonio Banderas.

We can only imagine the burglars got the shock and fright of their lifetime when they discovered they had broken into the home of the toughest and most lethal celeb in the area.


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