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For many decades both medics and scientists have been studying the effect the ultrasound has on a variety of bone fractures. Thanks to these studies and modern technology, a simple cast or splint is able to speed up the recovery process of bone fractures.

 Photo credit: A' Design Awards
Photo credit: A’ Design Awards

There have been numerous attempts to combine casts and ultrasound waves in order to speed up the healing of a fracture, but they have all been abandoned at some point. The reasons lay in the problem that the casts needed to be broken so that the ultrasound probes could reach the skin. Nowadays Jake Evill, a genius 3D designer from New Zealand, is showing off his newest project, entitled Cortex exoskeletal cast. The Cortex exoskeletal cast is different than the rest of the splints out there. It’s structured as a black lattice that covers the fractured bone, but allows enough airing and access for an ultrasound device.


Evill’s creation is made of two parts printed with a 3D printer. There’s no word on how much the product will cost or when it will be available.


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