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Did you know that after hitting his head in the shallow end of a swimming pool, a man awoke with the condition known as acquired …


This guy might not have been a child prodigy on the piano when he was a youngster, but he definitely gained phenomenal music skills overnight.

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When he was in his early 30s Derek Amato from Denver, Colorado, had a brutal accident. He dived into a shallow swimming pool and survived the accident with a severe brain trauma. He was diagnosed with 35% hearing loss in one of his ears, amnesia and severe headaches. However, all of a sudden he gained music skills. He heard a melody in his head and managed to bring it to life on the piano, even though he had never ever played the instrument before. Fortunately, he saw the positive side to his Acquired Savant Syndrome and shortly after the accident he grew to become a professional pianist.
Nowadays the 40 year old musician, who was once a sales trainer, is living in Colorado with his family and is enjoying fly fishing and philanthropy in his spare time. When he was asked what he would do if he lost his newly found skills all of a sudden, Amato stated that he would be grateful he got to spent a decade playing the instrument.


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