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Convenience store workers in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, found $600,000 worth of drugs.
The Calgary police are currently looking into a case involving $600,000 worth of drugs, which were stashed at a local convenience store.

Image Source: Calgary Police Service/Facebook
Image Source: Calgary Police Service/Facebook

On the 11th of March this year the staff members of said store found four shady packages at their working place and immediately called the police. The packages were cylindrical and wrapped in special heat-seals. They were all labeled with four simple letters – “Navi”. According to official reports, the store workers discovered the unexpected packages amongst a shipment, which contained other packaged food items. However, instead of containing food, the Navi labeled wrappers contained around four pounds of drugs. The police estimated the drugs as being worth more than $600,000 and immediately launched an investigation. The reports show that the entire shipment, which was filled with pre-made food items, originated from California, US. However, the police still haven’t managed to determine when the pounds of drugs were added to the rest of the wrapped items, who placed them there, and who the actual recipient of the illegal substances is.

In an attempt to solve this drug mystery faster, the Calgary police have decided to make the case public. They shared several snapshots of the wrapped drugs on their social media accounts and wrote a shout-out to whoever this “Navi” person might be. The officers rhetorically asked if the recipient was missing the $600,000 packages and if so – they were ready to have a pretty serious talk with him or her. Apart from this shout-out to the recipient the police also used social media to urge people to help them with the investigation. They are asking anyone with information regarding the case to either contact them or the Calgary Crime Stoppers.


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