Did You Know That 72-Year-Old Identical Twin Brothers Died On The Same Road On The Same Day And Both Were…..


Finnish police officer Marja-Leena Huhtala and the whole world were shocked, to say the least, after they found out about two accidents which occurred on the same road in Finland in 2002.

photo for illustration purposes only; copyrights:
photo for illustration purposes only; copyrights:

According to police reports, two identical twin brothers died at the age of 72 on a road in Raahe, Finland. The first brother was killed by a lorry while he was riding his bicycle. Approximately two hours later and less than a mile away from the accident his twin brother died on the same road also hit by a lorry. Police officer Huhtala told the press that the second brother most probably wasn’t aware of his twin’s unfortunate fate because nobody had alerted the family by that time. Huhtala thought that a higher power had a say in the twins’ case.


There are many stories about twins sharing a special bond that makes them aware of the other one’s feelings. However, the case of the twin brothers dying the same way separately from each other in such a short time and almost on the same spot is quite rare and most probably one of a kind.


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