Did You Know That 9/11 caused an extra 1600 people to die in automobile accidents, after…


We are all familiar with the terrorist attacks on September 11 that killed 2,996 people, including the nineteen hijackers. However, scientists claim that there are many other indirect victims of the attacks who have died because of fear-induced change in their behavior.
The 2001 attacks provoked fear to fly, so many people prefer to travel by car rather than fly. This leads to 12-20% drop of customers registered by airlines while at the same time usage of roads increased significantly.

Professor Gerd Gigerenzer from Germany has estimated that 1,595 people have died in car accidents in the year following the terrorist attacks. According to him these Americans are indirect victims of the terrorists. Professor Gigerenzer explains these deaths as poor understanding of danger. Travelling long distances by car is more dangerous than flying but people were scared and preferred to use cars instead of planes.


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