Did you know that A 10 foot long alligator was captured at a school’s parking lot in…


Students and parents witnessed a shocking spectacle earlier this March in a school in Florida when a loose 10 foot long alligator was captured on the school’s parking lot.

Image Source: YOUTUBE Screenshot
Image Source: YOUTUBE Screenshot

The Geneva Classical Academy located in Lakeland, Florida, US, is making headlines after an incident involving a humongous alligator took place on its parking lot.

The incident occurred when a 10 foot long gator crawled its way into the school’s parking lot just as the kids were being dismissed from classes and being picked up by their parents. The school’s officials had to call several trappers in order to secure the area and make sure that the creature won’t do any harm to the staff, the students and their parents. One of the parents, Stacey Lynn, filmed a short video of the capturing of the alligator and later uploaded it on her Facebook page. The video shows the gator hiding underneath a police cruiser vehicle as the trappers are making their way towards it. The alligator is then maneuvered and captured by the wranglers with the help of a pole, which was used for the maneuvering, and then a lasso, with which the beast was eventually captured.


Official reports state that the 10 foot long alligator didn’t inflict any injuries on the school’s property or the people present at the scene. Furthermore, the school’s officials even decided to make a funny comment regarding the entire case. While the incident is going viral and ending up in various headlines the school’s staff is actually taking everything lightly and joking about it on the social media. The staff stated that the students attending the Geneva Classical Academy had learned something quite extraordinary that day – they had learned how to capture a 10 foot long gator.


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